A Letter to Philadelphia 76ers Fans

Dear 76ers Fans —


We are experiencing an unprecedented moment, not only in our sport, but in our global community. In uncertain times, we often find strength and inspiration in the part of our lives we can count on most – our family, friends and communities. For many of us, this includes our sports community, specifically our 76ers family. 76ers basketball has been a catalyst to draw us together as one for generations. Yet now, in this moment, the games that bring us together are not there. 


We are writing this letter to share that we are here and our efforts will continue as we navigate these trying times. Philadelphia is a city of passion, intensity, grit and heart. That’s why “brotherly love” means so much to us. It represents how this city stands together as women, children, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, coaches, neighbors and so on. We are a city of pride and resilience, and we look no further than our fans to prove the point.


Like everyone, we have had to adapt – the work we did to bring our games to life is now focused on the well-being of our fans, players, staff, and partners. We will get creative. We will not be silent, and our hope is to be more active in ways that can still bind us together in our love for our team and our community. We will get through this period together.


We already miss what we may have taken for granted a week ago – the squeak of basketball shoes on the hardwood, the roar of a 76ers crowd, and the energy that makes playing in Philadelphia truly special. The ability to put on a game takes thousands of dedicated and talented people. We would be remiss if we didn’t share our gratitude to those that usher, guard, clean, serve, entertain, perform, and otherwise work behind the scenes to bring our games to life. We look forward to bringing everyone back together again soon so we can share in the incredible bond of basketball, sports and the sense of community that united us from the start.


Thank you for being the greatest fans in the world.


Chris Heck



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