NBA Hustle Award Winners

Take a look back at every NBA Hustle Award winner in NBA history.

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The NBA Hustle Award rewards players that make the effort plays that don’t often appear in the traditional box score but impact winning on a nightly basis. Hustle stats — including deflections, loose balls recovered, charges drawn, screen assists, contested shots and box-outs — have been tracked by the NBA since the 2016 postseason and can be viewed on an individual and team level on NBA.com/Stats.

A year-by-year list of the NBA Hustle Award winners:

2023-24 — Alex Caruso, Chicago Bulls (hustle stats)
2022-23 — Marcus Smart, Boston Celtics (hustle stats)
2021-22 — Marcus Smart, Boston Celtics (hustle stats)
2020-21 — Thaddeus Young, Chicago Bulls
2019-20 — Montrezl Harrell, LA Clippers
2018-19 — Marcus Smart, Boston Celtics
2017-18 — Amir Johnson, Philadelphia 76ers
2016-17 —Patrick Beverley, Houston Rockets