Sacramento Kings Forward Harrison Barnes to Donate $200,000 to Help in the Fight Against Racial Injustice and Police Brutality

Sacramento Kings forward Harrison Barnes and his wife Brittany are donating more than $200,000 to different nonprofits that were created by the families of victims of police brutality and gun violence.

With the Kings playing eight seeding games during the official restart to the season, Barnes will dedicate every game to a different organization by contributing $25,000 to the nonprofit and highlighting their mission on his social media.

Since breaking into the NBA, Barnes has been known for his altruistic efforts in supporting the Black community. As all eyes return to basketball this week, the Barnes’ are utilizing this time to put the spotlight on organizations that are dedicated to helping fight racial injustice and support those who have been victims of police brutality.

The organizations Barnes will contribute to are:

  • Trayvon Martin Foundation whose main purpose is to provide both emotional and financial support to families who have lost a child to gun violence.
  • Botham Jean Foundation provides aid to the most vulnerable and support to the families impacted by police brutality and people in need of immigration guidance. 
  • The Atatiana Project aims to help children find a path toward careers in science, math, engineering and tech – honoring Jefferson’s goals for the future.
  • Mothers Against Police Brutality aims to be the voice for justice for victims of police brutality and deadly force. 
  • The Michael Brown Foundation plans to achieve equality through advocating for justices, improving the health, advancing education, and strengthening families in poor and minority communities.
  • Tamir Rice Foundation invests in the growth and enrichment of all children through after-school programs in arts and culture, while also acting as an advocate for police reform.
  • The Jordan Davis Foundation provides financial assistance for the youth of our nation to nurture their curiosity with exposure to cultural initiatives through travel and education.
  • The African American Policy Forum (#SayHerName campaign) brings awareness to the often invisible names and stories of Black women and girls who have been victimized by racist police violence, and provides support to their families.

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