Kings NBA 2K All-Time Team Ranked

See where Sacramento stacks up in NBA 2K18’s new All-Time teams.
by Kyle Ramos
Writer, Digital

With the latest installment of the NBA 2K video game franchise just a few weeks away, a new addition has been introduced that will now feature an “All-Time” team for each NBA franchise.

These All-Time teams will boast some of the best and most memorable talent to suit up for the respective franchises throughout the history of the League.

Sacramento’s roster includes a wealth of legendary Kings talent, each assigned their own overall ratings by the team at NBA 2K. Based on these ratings, Dime Magazine ranked each squad on average overall rating.

The Kings team ranked in a tie for 8th place, with author Robby Kalland noting “I love this team. One of the most fun of all of them, and also really good on paper too.”

While these initial rankings are based solely on the numbers, Kalland has vowed to release a follow up piece that will rate each team based on who will be “the most fun to play with”.

To view the full list, click here.

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