Hasan Minhaj Holds Jaw-Dropping Kings Party for Son's Birthday

Comedian Hasan Minhaj continues his incredible dedication with a Kings-themed birthday party for his son.
by Jordan Ramirez
Digital Managing Editor

Davis native and world-renowned comedian Hasan Minhaj isn't shy about his love for the hometown squad.

On Wednesday, Minhaj continued to represent Sactown with a Kings-themed birthday party for his son.

"Baby boy just turned 1 and we gave him a @sacramentokings themed birthday party!," said the former UC Davis Aggie.

Minhaj has visited displayed his love for the Kings many times throughout the years, including on visits to Golden 1 Center.

Not only did he nail a halfcourt shot at the Kings practice facility, but he had a special message for Lakers fans too.

“I rep in NY and I’m evangelizing. I’m spreading the purple gospel," Minhaj shared previously. "You guys have no idea how much I love the Kings and if you don’t love the Kings, you don’t love NBA basketball.”

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