Golden 1 Center: ‘Highest-tech Stadium in Sports’

As the date draws near for the opening of the brand new Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento, the anticipation continues to grow for the unveiling of an arena that will be unlike any other.

David Pierce of Wired Magazine recently released a story detailing some of the major innovations that are being incorporated into Golden 1 Center – including a 4K video board, an ultra-interactive app for fans to use during events, and a massive amount of connectivity within the building.

Besides the current plans that are in place to make Golden 1 Center the highest standard for modern day technology, Pierce discusses how Kings Owner and Chariman Vivek Ranadivé wants to ensure that the arena will also be prepared for updates in the future. Ranadivé compared Golden 1 Center to Tesla, a motor vehicle company that has built a reputation for its savvy technological advances.

“Every single night, your Tesla [vehicle] updates,” said Ranadivé. “So we need to have that same philosophy when it comes to our arena: every single night, the arena updates and improves itself.”

Pierce continued with his praise of the future home of the Kings, reinforcing his belief that it will be the premiere arena for technology.

“The ‘highest-tech stadium’ is an award no one ever gets to keep for long, but the Kings are definitely going to get it for a while,” Pierce said.

To read the full article from Wired, click here.

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