Transcript of David Robinson Retirement Press Conference

David’s opening remarks

I’d like to thank (Peter Holt, Red McCombs, Gregg Popovich), they’ve meant as much to me here in San Antonio as anyone. From the first day I got here, knowing Red and the things he’s done, it would take me about an hour to list all the things he’s done for me and all the support he’s given me in every endeavor. You all know what Peter has done for this franchise, he took us to a place we’d never been before. Gregg Popovich has been instrumental in changing the psyche of this team and making us champions.

Everyone up here means a great deal to me, including my father and my sons. I’m very excited, it’s been a exciting decision time for my family. My wife has been so supportive for all these years and been wonderful in trying to get out to all the games and being great with the kids. She’s basically a single mother while I’m playing. We got together and had a little family pow-wow and I said, “What do you guys want to do, my contracts up at the end of the year. We could play some more, we could do a lot of things.” I don’t know if I should tell you what everybody said. I give up my son David, he said, “Why don’t you quit now, you’ve done so much in your career.” I think he just wants me to coach his basketball team. They were all very happy, it’s a great thing to know what you want to do and know where you want to go. Things have been great in San Antonio, the fans are the absolute best. The thing I have enjoyed the most about playing in San Antonio is that this is a fan friendly town. This has been a great 13 years for me, and I’m excited about next year. I think we’re going to have a fantastic year, my body feels great, and hopefully we’ll have a great summer and come back and have a fantastic year. I thought it was the right time, it gives the Spurs some time to make some changes and move in a different direction. It also gives my family the opportunity to move into a different area in our lives. I’m excited about those things to come, but right now I’m just focused on the summer and having a fantastic year.

We are here in the midst of the Carver Academy. This is the school we worked for four years to put together and it’s been a phenomenal journey. Putting this thing together has been a joy, I think the lord has put all the right people in the right places. It’s just been outstanding, we’ve gotten rave reviews over our programs and our schools. This is going to be my heart, I’m going to have an office here, this will be my focus after I finish playing. I’m very excited about the future.


Why did you choose the Carver Academy to make your announcement?

This is my heart. I’ve put so much into this. You see these kids, they’re wonderful. Valerie and I have just invested a lot of ourselves into this besides the money. Education is something that has always touched my heart, and when I see these kids getting off to a great start it’s fantastic.

What do have planned after basketball?

Right now it’s pretty simple. Like I said, spend a lot of time here with the kids. Being a dad, being a husband, my wife has been raising my kids most of the year for about 13 years now. I think it time that she had a husband to allow her to relax a little bit and enjoy things.

Will you be staying in San Antonio?

Yes, no question. San Antonio is our home. In the last few years we’ve kind of spent our summers away and we come back during the year. I think we’re going to continue to do that. They boys love school here, we love the city, we love working here. So that’s what were going to do until at least the boys graduate high school. Beyond that, we’ll just have to pray about it.

Is there a reason you made the announcement now?

It was important to make the announcement now because it gives the Spurs a chance to make some moves and go forward. You’ve seen the decisions they’ve made over the last few summers, and they’ve found some great players. They can really begin to look towards the future. I know what I want to do, it’s a great thing to know that you’ve been through a certain time in your life, it’s been a wonderful time, but it’s time to move on and do some other things in your life.

Will there be a lot of pressure on you to perform well this year?

I don’t see it that way, I see it as one of the most exciting years. Every game is going to be fun for me. I look at it as, what an incredible opportunity to know it’ll be my last time to play in some of these arenas and just enjoy the opportunity. I’m just going to enjoy everything, my teammates, this will be my last time to spend time with them in the locker room and and really invest my life into theirs. All that stuff will be a little bit sweeter this year.

How much consideration had you previously given retirement?

My wife and spoke about it last summer. This was not a quick decision. It’s been discussed and we prayed about it and that’s why it’s come to this. We know what we want to do and we feel very good about the decision. I feel really good and I feel I can really help the team, so there was no question about playing this year.

Are you ready for retirement?

I am, you know when you make the right decision and you get a peace come over you. I know my kids have been extremely happy and I know my wife is pleased. When the wife is pleased everybody is very happy around the house. We’re all very pleasd.

Have you talked with your teammates (Tim)?

I haven’t talked to Tim, he’s out of town. I think it’s inevitable, at some point you have to make that decision. When we last met as a team I know Tim was looking forward to next year.

When did you make the decision?

Officially we made it two or three days ago as a family.