Fiesta Jersey

Old School.

New Style.

Authentic Heritage.

Behold our bold side

The cross street of classic and contemporary. Where big-and-bright meets vintage vibes. Three colors. Endless respect. All topped with the town they rep.

This is Fiesta

History Comes Home

Inspired by our warm-up wear from way back, this uni forgoes the usual silver and black facades in favor of some long-awaited local flavor.

Retro: Retooled

Crafted from our old school “San Antonio” script, this vintage wordmark puts our hometown heritage front and center for the first time since ‘89.

Nostalgia Now Included

Our iconic Fiesta colors make their uniform debut three decades later and just the way we play: straightforward, side-by-side, and always aiming up.

Patterns Repeat

Imported straight from the ‘90s, this vibrant tribal design throws it back to the days in the Dome while adding some festive flair right where it counts.

Our True Color

Nothing says “Spurs Basketball” like classic black. Not only is it in line with the original design, this base coat embraces both our timeless identity and all the colors at our core.


Enough small talk. Scroll right to get a first look at our fresh fits in frame beside the threads that inspired them.

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