New Food Options For The New AT&T Center

By: Lorne Chan

No Top Chef, Masterchef or Iron Chef would ever want to attempt the nightly challenge that Aramark and Levy Restaurants face: feed more than 18,000 hungry Spurs, Rampage and Stars fans or concert goers every night at the AT&T Center.

Jamie Kommer is Aramark general manager at the AT&T Center and Johnny Blackerby is executive chef for Levy Restaurants at the arena. They’ve helped craft the menu for the AT&T Center when it opens on Friday for opening night after a $110-million renovation.

When the Spurs host the Brooklyn Nets, fans will be able to try new AT&T Center menu items, including the Double Pig Mac & Cheese – topped with pulled pork, bacon and fried onions – and the Spurger, a burger topped with poblanos and chili branded with the Spurs logo.

“It’s like running the largest restaurant in the state,” Kommer said. “It is very rewarding to see people enjoying our food and the experience we’re providing to our guests.”

Crafting the menu is a herculean task, taking into consideration that 18,418 fans fill the AT&T Center and that the average human has 10,000 taste buds.

In addition to regular arena favorites such as hot dogs and nachos, the new menu items have elevated game cuisine and taken local flavors into account. At Section 105 and the East Porch, fans can try street tacos, and on the charter level, there’s the Italian autostrada sandwich with Italian meats, cheese and pickled onions.

Blackerby said an important part of the process was using local companies, as local brewery Freetail will have beer in the AT&T Center and Groomer Seafood, another San Antonio company, will help provide the fish for surf dishes.

“When a family visits AT&T Center, its like they’re entering our home,” Blackerby said. “We want to ensure there’s a little something that will keep everyone happy whether it’s a snack, a beverage or a dish they haven’t tried before.”

Spurs season ticket member Debbie Puckett got a chance to sample the new menu items during a Spurs preseason game. Her favorite food was the Double Pig Mac & Cheese, something she said she’d want to eat at home for dinner every night. The  Double Pig is served at the new East Porch on the AT&T Center’s balcony level.

“I’d die for that mac and cheese,” Puckett said. “This isn’t stuff that you picture in an arena. It just adds to why these games are the best nights out for us. You have the game, the food and the Spurs.”

Levy Restaurant director of operations Jonathan Mack said the Spurger is a prime example of the way restaurants in the AT&T Center have put the fans’ appetites first.

Burgers have always been the No. 1 seller at the AT&T Center for Levy, so they have elevated the traditional burger with a Tex-Mex zing.

“We always listen to fan feedback and think about the local San Antonio culture as a starting point for foods we think they’ll love,” Mack said. “Elevating the food to us means sourcing the best products locally whenever we can, dreaming up new ways to serve those traditional fan favorites and staying on top of food trends to deliver the latest the culinary scene has to offer.”

With the new food menu, there’s a chance to try a new item at all 41 Spurs home games this season. 

Take a look at the new items: Photo Gallery


New Stands:

The Porch (H-E-B Fan Zone Level on the East Side of the Arena) - The East Porch (section 200) was completely renovated to provide a new destination area and enhanced fan experience.  With four unique actions stations and two new beverage locations, serving a variety of local beers, The Porch has something for everyone.  

  • Double Pig Mac & Cheese $11.75 Large or $8.25 Small - Homemade mac & cheese topped with pulled pork, bacon and fried onions
  • Fiesta Mac & Cheese $11.75 Large or $8.25 Small - Homemade mac & cheese topped with chorizo and pepper jack cheese
  • Traditional Mac & Cheese $11.75 Large or $8.25 Small

Simply Chicken (Plaza Level Section 121) - Featuring chicken tenders tossed in spicy buffalo or tangy barbecue sauces, a chicken sandwich and chicken saladBBQ Chicken Salad $8.75 - Romaine lettuce topped with chopped chicken tenders, tossed in tangy barbecue sauce, shredded cheddar cheese and onion tanglers.  Served with ranch dressing

  • Buffalo Chicken Salad $8.75 - Romaine lettuce topped with chopped chicken tenders, tossed in spicy buffalo sauce, blue cheese crumbles & buffalo ranch sauce.   Served with ranch dressing
  • Extreme Fries $8.75 - Choice of Buffalo or BBQ Chicken Fries.  Buffalo Chicken Fries: buffalo chicken, blue cheese crumbles and buffalo ranch sauce. BBQ Chicken Fries: BBQ chicken, shredded cheddar, onion tanglers and ranch dressing
  • Tossed Chicken Tenders $9.25 - Chicken tenders tossed in choice of spicy buffalo or tangy barbecue sauce, served with French fries
    • Boneless Wings $9.25 - Boneless chicken wings tossed in choice of spicy buffalo or tangy barbecue sauce served with French fries

    Street Tacos (Plaza Level Section 105 & H-E-B Fan Zone Level Section 200) - Serving Mexican favorites including quesadillas, street tacos, burritos and taco salads

    • Street Tacos $8.75 - Three corn tortillas with choice of chicken, steak or veggies, topped with an onion-cilantro mix and a drizzle of chipotle crema
    • Beef Burrito $7.50 - Flour tortilla filled with seasoned ground beef, homemade refried beans and a Tex-Mex cheese blend.
    • Bean Burrito $7.00 - Flour tortilla filled homemade refried beans and a Tex-Mex cheese blend.

    Indulge (Five locations throughout the AT&T Center on both H-E-B Fan Zone Level and Plaza Level) - New dessert concept serving homemade chocolate chip sandwiches, chocolate chip cookie sundaes, fruit kabobs drizzled with chocolate, Spurs themed cookies and cupcakes

    • Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich $6.00 - Vanilla ice-cream sandwiched between two giant, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies
    • Fruit Kabobs $6.50 - A Skewer of fresh fruit and sweet treats, drizzled with chocolate sauce
    • Cookies & Cupcakes $5.00/$5.50 - Delicious Spurs basketball-inspired cookies and cupcakes 


    Roadhouse – Texas favorites served hot

    • Chicken Torta $10.50 - A hot, Mexican-style sandwich stuffed with tender chicken and peppers
    • Crispy Sriracha Chicken Sandwich $10.50 - Crisp fried chicken served on a bun with spicy Sriracha aioli and honey ginger slaw
    • Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll $6.00 - House-baked fresh cinnamon roll with maple icing and bacon pieces
    • Fresh Potato Chips $7.00 - Homemade potato chips, served with a choice of beer cheese dip or French onion dip

    Crust – Featuring wood-fired favorites and fresh classics

    • Hand-Stretched Pizzas $9.50 - Wood fired and topped with a variety of fresh ingredients
    • Chopped Salad Jars $9.00 - Caesar and Italian salads served chopped and mixed in a jar
    • Italian Autostrada Sandwich $9.50 - An Italian grinder with salami, capicola, provolone, pepperoncini, and pickled red onions, toasted in our brick oven and served with house-made potato chips
    • “Cup” Cakes $6.50 - Classic confections served in a cup
    • Gelato $8.00 Large or $6.00 Small - A creamy Italian treated served cold and fresh in a variety of flavors
    • Fruit Cocktail in Agua Fresca $6.50 - A refreshing beverage with fresh fruit


    SA Grille – Local fare, hot off the grill

    • Spurger $9.50 - The Spurs-inspired burger is a topped with roasted poblanos, pimento cheese and classic chili
    • Tacos Al Pastor $9.50 - Slowly-cooked pork, marinated in a variety of pineapple and spices, and served with warm corn tortillas
    • Tacos Carne Asada $9.50 - Thinly-cut marinated beef steak served with warm corn tortillas
    • Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll $6.00 - House-baked fresh cinnamon roll with maple icing and bacon pieces
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