Spurs Mailbag: Tony Parker - Part 2

Josue Rodriguez
Location: Puerto Rico
Question: Who is funnier, Timmy or Kawhi?

TP: Timmy or Kawhi? [Laughs] They both don't talk. They both are very shy. Kawhi doesn't say much, and Timmy, it takes a long time to get to know him, but once you get to know him, Timmy is funnier for sure. I think Kawhi is still very shy, it's only his third year, so he does not talk that much.


Location: San Antonio, Texas
Question: Tony, What is your favorite thing to do in San Antonio

TP: Spend time with my family, and go to restaurants and movies. Simple stuff. I like San Antonio because it's not too small, it's not too big, and the people are very friendly. I like the lifestyle here, there is always nice weather and it puts you in a good mood.


Carl Sirotic
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Question: Je sais que jouer pour ton pays a toujours été important pour toi. Est-ce qu'il est difficile physiquement pour toi de jouer durant l'été rendu à ton âge ? (I know that playing for your country has always been important to you. Is it physically difficult for you to play during the summer at your age?)

TP: Yeah, I am getting older, but I still love to play every summer. As long as my body feels good, I love playing for my country and I will go back every summer.


Roux Julien
Location: Chaponnay, France
Question: Quel est pour toi une semaine d'entrainement classique avec les Spurs, et quel doit être pour toi la fréquence d'entrainement par semaine pour progresser? Bravo à l'équipe de France, c'est un véritable rêve que vous nous avez offert contre l'Espagne; quel fierté! Bonne saison outre atlantique. (What is for you a week of classical training with the Spurs, and what should be for you the frequency of training per week for progress? Congratulations to the team of France, it is a dream that you have given us against Spain, what pride! Good season across the Atlantic.)

TP: We practice once a day. Because we have a veteran team, Coach Pop doesn't kill us at practice. So, we only practice about an hour a day. It's not too bad.


Location: Strasbourg, France
Question: Salut Tony, quelles sont tes premières sensations après les premiers scrimmages et entrainements avec les Spurs ? J'espère que tu as bien récupéré après cette incroyable épopée avec l'équipe de France :) (Hi Tony, how do you feel after the first scrimmages and trainings with your team-mates ? I hope you have recovered well after this incredible journey with the France team :))

TP: I am very happy about the beginning of the season. The team is doing well. We can't complain, we are in first place. So, we are doing great.


Location: Cognac, France
Question: Bonjour Tony ! En dehors du basket, quel sport aimes-tu regarder à la télé ? PS : on est les champions, on est les champions... Merciiii ! (Hello Tony! Outside of basketball, what sport do you like to watch on TV? PS: we are the champions, we are the champions ... Merciiii!)

TP: Besides basketball I like soccer and tennis, those are the two sports I watch the most. Obviously living in the states, you have to watch American football and baseball.


Cedric - The Austin International School
Location: Austin, Texas
Question: Salut Tony, tous les enfants de l'école française d'Austin te félicitent pour votre titre européen! On serait ravis de vous avoir parmi nous pour vous poser pleins de questions à ce sujet! (Hi Tony, all children in the French school of Austin welcome you for your European title! We would love to have you among us to ask you lots of questions about it!) Which defense system rules do you prefer the most? Which one do you think represent more the spirit of basketball? The defense with the American rules or the European rules???? Thank you.

TP: I like both European basketball and American basketball. I really enjoy playing the FIBA rules during the summer, that's why I go back to play for my country. I take a lot of pride in playing for my country. I obviously love the NBA too. I don't really have a favorite. It's very different, but at the same time it's still basketball.


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