Spurs Mailbag: Danny Green

Julys 29, 2013

San Antonio
Question: What are you going to work on this offseason?

Danny Green: My ball handling and midrange game. It's just something I want to do myself.

Tony Parker


Question: What you think about playing with Tony Parker and his style of play?

DG: Tony is obviously a great player. He is an all-star and a MVP candidate. He helps me, he and Timmy make the game easier for me when the defense looks for them he finds me. He'll find me in the corner or wherever I am on the floor. I think he does a great job of being aggressive out there and scoring but also getting his teammates involved.


Question: What is your secret to knocking down threes?

DG: No secret, just working on it. A lot of focus, concentration and getting out there and working on it every day.

Diego Rangel

Question: What would you say is the most important attribute for a basketball player to possess in his skill set?

DG: Most people think it's about being a good athlete, but the IQ of the game, having a good feel and understanding the game is very important. Also you have to have a great work ethic.

Danny Green

Question: How did it feel for you to break Ray Allen's Finals three point record?

DG: It was great feeling, obviously I would have liked it had we won, but it's good to be known for something and be in the record books for something that will be part of the history of the game.

Gus Garza

Question: How much motivation will the Finals serve for you and the guys coming back next season?

DG: I think it will definitely serve as motivation for me and every body on the team. Just like the previous year when we lost to OKC, everyone is going to have a chip on their shoulder. We know how close we were and we let it slip away and we're going to come back - stronger, better, more experienced. You don't know how many chances you're ever going to get at it, so we're going to take advantage of what we experienced and I'm going to work on things to do better to help my team be where we want to be.

Vanessa Perez
San Antonio
Question: How much do you personally enjoy playing with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili?

DG: It's a great joy. Watching them for so long and now being a teammate with them, those are my guys. I love them, those are my guys. They make the game easy, they are all about winning and play good basketball. They're not selfish players and they are very humble and down to Earth people. The entire organization is great and everyone is treated very well like family.

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili

New Orleans
Question: Every one talks about the Spurs and their culture, and it being a "program," but what is it like between the teammates to instill that?

DG: Everyone follows the top guys' lead with Timmy, Tony, Manu and Pop. Those guys are humble and they do things the right way. So it makes it easy to be professional and focused when you see the top guys being that way. Pop does a great job of recruiting the right guys and that's a big reason why everyone gets a long. It works and when you have a group of guys like we do it's easy to do what you're supposed to and easy to stay on the same page and work together.

Mike Gath
Question: When you're at the free throw line and fans have those squiggly balloons is that really distracting?

DG: I don't even notice them. Fans make some noise sometimes, but I don't pay attention to what's being waved around behind the backboard in the stands.

San Antonio
Question: What do you like most about San Antonio?

DG: The people. The fans. They great and amazing. Also the weather is great. Coming from New York and playing in Cleveland the weather is nice. But the fans and the people in San Antonio are great and a lot of fun.

Matt Bonner

Question: Who would win in a three point contest between you and Matt Bonner?

DG: Probably Matty. Everyone knows what a great shooter Matty is and he's been doing it for years. I'm sure I'd give him a good go of it, but Matty is great I think he'd probably have the edge. I just want to try to emulate some of the things he does and be as good of a shooter as he is.

Patrick Harris
Livingston, Alabama
Question: With Matt in the three point contest last year at All-Star, is that something you would like to do in the future?

DG: I'd love to. I actually tried to get in it too this past year. But I'd love to do it. I think it would be a lot of fun. Hopefully one day I will be in it and it would be an honor for me.

San Antonio
Question: What is the last song you played on your iPod?

DG: (Laughs) I just got off my iPod and the last song that was playing was by Migos featuring Drake and the song is called "Versace."

San Antonio
Question: Do you play any video games?

DG: I don't play video games really, but when I did I played the games that had a storyline and took a lot of thinking. Tomb Raider was one of my favorites, but those are the types of games that I enjoyed where you had to think about stuff to complete the levels.