Jae’Sean Tate Starts Grant for Minorities in the Coffee & Food Service Industry

HOUSTON – Houston Rockets forward Jae’Sean Tate announced his Jae'Sean Tate BUILT Scholarship fund. The scholarship is available for minority and BIPOC service workers in the coffee and food industry who have had to juggle school and work while facing even more challenges throughout the pandemic.

“Education is deeply important to me,” said Tate.  “I was a four-year student-athlete at Ohio State University and graduating with a college degree is one of my proudest accomplishments to date.  I’ve created a scholarship with Bold.org that will support minority students who are balancing work and education.”

To help raise awareness for his NBA All-Rookie campaign last season, Tate’s love for coffee led him to partner with Houston-based Greenway Coffee to develop his own blend.  He became the fourth Rocket dating back to 1985-86 to have earned All-Rookie First Team honors.

Those interested in supporting Tate’s scholarship fund may visit his page on Bold.org.  Each grant is for $8,000, which means Tate will be able to select more winners as the value of the scholarship fund increases.

Applicants for Tate’s scholarship fund may follow the “Apply Now” option on his Bold.org page and record a one minute essay or submit a one page essay telling their background while explaining why they are a good candidate.  Winners will be announced on May 8, 2022.


Bold.org is the largest independent scholarship provider in the country and is committed to eliminating student debt and democratizing philanthropy. Founded in November 2019, Bold.org embarks on a journey to relieve the country's soaring $1.8 trillion student debt crisis. Bold.org provides a platform for any person or company to create personalized scholarships, fellowships or grants. The organization creates an innovative and philanthropic solution to combat the student debt crisis, which has tremendously impacted 44 million Americans to date.


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