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Full List of the Top 10 Pelicans Home Games of 2019

Pelicans fans! We recently counted down the Top 10 home games for the 2019-20 season - which ones will you be attending?

  1. No. 1 vs. Lakers

    There are your standard-issue, run-of-the-mill NBA “revenge games,” and then there is Pelicans-Lakers, 2019-20 edition. Read More »
  2. No. 2 vs. Mavericks

    Judging by comments from Pelicans fans, New Orleans’ home opener vs. a Southwest Division rival should feel something like a local holiday in South Louisiana. Read More »
  3. No. 3 vs. Clippers

    This mid-January game isn’t even the first time the Clippers play in the Smoothie King Center during the ’19-20 season, but it’s the New Orleans franchise’s “first ABC game since 2009.” Read More »
  4. No. 4 vs. Nuggets

    By the slimmest of margins, this Halloween showdown edged out a Nov. 11 game vs. Houston, with Denver taking 41 percent of the fan vote, compared to Houston’s 40 percent. Read More »
  5. No. 5 vs. Rockets

    This Veterans Day contest is the first half of a formidable mid-November two-game homestand for the Pelicans, who will face the LA Clippers three days later in the Smoothie King Center. Read More »
  6. No. 6 vs. Warriors

    It’s like clockwork – the Pelicans nearly always face the Warriors early in the regular season, sometimes more than once. This late-October meeting represents just New Orleans’ fourth game overall on the docket. Read More »
  7. No. 7 vs. Bucks

    Milwaukee and New Orleans are tangible proof that you don’t need to be located in a major metropolis to garner massive exposure in the NBA. Read More »
  8. No. 8 vs. Celtics

    The second half of January is very favorable for the Pelicans, at least in terms of home-road split, with six of eight games from Jan. 16-31 in the Smoothie King Center. Read More »
  9. No. 9 vs. Trail Blazers

    Pelicans-Trail Blazers may not instantly register as a marquee matchup in the minds of many NBA fans, but it’s become an under-the-radar attractive option for broadcast networks. Read More »
  10. No. 10 vs. 76ers

    For the Pelicans to improve upon their chances of returning to the playoffs after a one-year absence, they’ll probably need to be much more effective in the Smoothie King Center vs. the East. Read More »

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