24 Seconds with Jaxson Hayes

24 Seconds presented by Ibotta: Jaxson Hayes

by Jim Eichenhofer

Now in his second NBA season, 20-year-old Jaxson Hayes has been a New Orleans resident for roughly 18 months and has taken a liken to several of the city’s delicacies, as he notes in this week’s “24 Seconds” feature. The 6-foot-11 center has traversed the middle portion of the United States over the last few years, spending one college season at the University of Texas after growing up in Ohio, then beginning his pro career in Louisiana:

Pelicans.com: What are some of your favorite New Orleans meals?

Hayes: Crawfish boils, all of the Cajun pastas, the seafood in general, beignets are pretty good.

Pelicans.com: Which actor would you pick to play you in a movie?

Hayes: I can’t think of any good light-skin actors. I’ll go with Mike Epps, because he’s so funny.

Pelicans.com: Do you have any hidden talents?

Hayes: I used to play the trumpet and the piano.

Pelicans.com: What’s your favorite pick-up line?

Hayes: Probably “What’s up?” I don’t spit crazy game like that. [smiles]

Pelicans.com: What’s the corniest pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

Hayes: I’ve heard some bad ones. Probably when people just say “Hey, this is me shooting my shot.” That’s probably my least favorite.

Pelicans.com: If you could raid any teammate’s closet, who would it be?

Hayes: Nickeil or (Brandon Ingram). Or my own closet. [smiles]

Pelicans.com: How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Hayes: About 300. My favorites are my European off-white samples, or my Travis Scott SB bandana ones.

Pelicans.com: What’s your favorite season?

Hayes: Winter. I like the cold and the snow. I’m from the North.

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