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Milwaukee council approves $750K settlement with ex-Bucks player Sterling Brown

The council approved a $750K settlement in a lawsuit from former Bucks player Sterling Brown over his 2018 arrest.

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The Milwaukee Common Council on Tuesday approved a $750,000 settlement in a lawsuit brought by former Bucks player Sterling Brown over his 2018 arrest in which he was taken to the ground and shocked with a Taser.

The incident started when Brown was approached by police over a parking violation.

The settlement does not include an admission that Brown’s constitutional rights were violated, which Brown’s attorney had sought in talks with the city. Instead, it has an apology from the city and Milwaukee police that “recognizes that the incident escalated in an unnecessary manner and despite Mr. Brown’s calm behavior.”

The agreement also requires the city to commit to changes in the police department’s standard operating procedures, including fair and impartial policing, training and career development, personnel investigations and body cameras, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

“With this settlement the city turns a page and embraces the 21st century, where we will insist on recognizing citizens’ rights, human rights and developing a police force of peace officers to work with the community to better our city,” said Mark Thomsen, Brown’s attorney.

Brown said in his lawsuit that police used excessive force and targeted him because he is Black when they confronted him for parking illegally in a handicapped-accessible spot in January 2018. He was talking with officers while waiting for his citation when the situation escalated. Officers took him down and used a stun gun because he didn’t immediately follow orders to remove his hands from his pockets.

A spokesman for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the policy and rule changes will help improve policing in the city.