Youth Spotlight - Corey Williams

For this month’s OMYBA Spotlight we talk with Corey Williams. Corey oversees the Jr. Magic program with Space Coast Stars in Brevard County. He was also the Orlando Magic’s 2018-19 nominee for Jr. NBA Coach of the Year.

Corey, tell us a little bit about your experience growing up playing the game of basketball.

I was introduced to basketball by my older brother Chris. I always looked up to him and was involved in whatever sport he did. But once I started to play basketball I fell in love with the game and never turned back. I would be outside in the rain playing, and we would have games to 100. I remember having a big growth spurt in high school and I went from point guard to center just over the summer.

Were you involved with any other sports throughout your childhood?

Yes, I played baseball and was pretty good at it. I also played football here and there too.

How and when did the Space Coast Stars begin?

The Space Coast Stars started in 2015 and came from an opportunity to give guys in my community a chance to play minor league basketball at a competitive level for the Florida Basketball Association. From there, we launched our youth program to help teach and develop youth here in Brevard County with basketball. From there, we have reached kids from Brevard to China with youth development.

Did you have a role in coaching/developing youth basketball before Space Coast Stars?

Yes, I have helped coach for high school and different AAU teams. Team Parsons CP25 has been a huge help.

How has your experience been with our Jr. Magic program?

My experience has been amazing with the Jr. Magic program. It really gives kids an extra boost of motivation to hear that upon completion of their season that they get to go to an Orlando Magic game, and the hospitality for them has been great. Big thank you to Nick Anderson for always making us feel at home when we bring kids to the Amway.

What is your favorite aspect of working with local youth?

My favorite aspect is seeing the confidence that kids gain within themselves, just through basketball. The goals that they get to accomplish. The impact that I get to have on a kid’s life and the difference I get to make for them on and off the court.

When are your Jr. Magic leagues active?

Our leagues are active during the fall and spring.

How many participants do you average throughout the year?

We average over 200 kids throughout the year.

You were selected by the Orlando Magic as our 2018-19 Jr. NBA Coach of the Year nominee. Tell us a little bit about your experience being selected and what it has meant to you.

Being selected as a Jr. NBA Coach of the Year nominee has been a true blessing. It meant so much to me because this was just a small vision to really help impact the kids in my area through a game that taught me so much about life. So, I can humbly say that it's a dream come true seeing your hard work start to pay off. It pushes me harder to try and win it all next year!

Who is your favorite Orlando Magic player of all time and why?

My favorite Magic Player of all time would be Tracy "T-Mac" McGrady! Just his leadership and hard work really had an impact on me growing up and going to games. He was truly ahead of his time like Penny.

Both the NFL and college football seasons are about to kick off. Do you have a favorite team in either or both sports?

Yes, I really don't have a favorite NFL team but there were about four young men that were drafted from Brevard County that I will be cheering for playing for the Bucs, Saints, Jags, and Browns! As far as college football, I am a Florida Gators fan, and even more so now because my cousin Richie Leonard just committed to UF!


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