Orlando Magic Frequently Asked Questions


Managing Tickets

Mobile Ticketing

How do I access my tickets on my smartphone?
Is my parking mobile too?
Can I have multiple tickets on a single phone?
Can I print my tickets at home?
Why is Amway Center moving to mobile tickets?
My tickets are not showing when I select “Manage My Tickets.” What should I do?
How do I set up a new account?
How do I access my tickets if I can't connect to my account at Amway Center?
What happens if my tickets don't scan properly?
What if my phone breaks, dies or is lost/stolen before I arrive?
What are REFS?
How do I contact the Fan Experience team?

Transferring Tickets

How do I transfer a ticket?
How do I accept a ticket transfer?
Does the person I send the tickets to need a Ticketmaster account?
I am not able to transfer my tickets.
How do I cancel a ticket transfer?
Can I get my tickets back if the person in which I transferred already accepted them?
When can I transfer my tickets?

Selling Tickets

How do I sell a ticket?
If I sell my tickets through NBAtickets.com, where does the money go?

Seat Returns

What are Ticket Returns?
Which games can I return?
Who is eligible to return seats?
Can I return tickets the day of a game?
How do I return my seats?

Game Day

What is your ticket policy for children?
Are bags or luggage permitted in Amway Center?
What is the phone number for the Orlando Magic?
Are selfie sticks allowed at Amway Center?
Can I chat with the Orlando Magic about tickets?
Can I contact the Orlando Magic via email?
What is the address of Amway Center?
What should I wear to the game?
Where do I enter Amway Center?
What are food and beverage options at Amway Center?
What is the camera policy at Amway Center?
When can I arrive for the game?
How long is an Orlando Magic game?
What are the rules and regulations of Amway Center?
Where are restrooms located in Amway Center?
What can I do after the Magic game?
Can fans get food and beverages delivered to their seat?
How do I enter Amway Center with my tickets?
Does Amway Center also service animals?
How can I find specific concessions stands or retail locations within Amway Center?
How can I access Wi-Fi at Amway Center?
I'm having trouble with the Orlando Magic App sponsored by Verizon. How can I get help?

Mobile App

Magic Money

What is Magic Money?
Where can I find my Magic Money balance?
Why can't I see my Magic Money?
Why is my Magic Money balance incorrect?
How do I view my past purchases?
Where can I use my Magic Money?
How do I transfer Account Credit to Magic Money?
How do I transfer my Magic Money to someone else?

Magic Marketplace

What is the Magic Marketplace?
What can I buy with Magic Money?
Can I purchase Magic Marketplace items in advance?
How do I transfer my Magic Marketplace purchase?
I can't find an item in the Magic Marketplace.

Your Profile

Do I need to complete my profile?
Do I need to log into the Orlando Magic App sponsored by Verizon?
How do I manage my credit cards for in-app purchases?
How do I access my profile information?

Send Food to a Friend

What is “Send Food to a Friend?"
I want to use the “Send Food to a Friend” feature. What information do I need?
My friend didn't receive their food.
How do I know if my friend has received their food?


Which locations offer Express Pick-Up?
How do I order using Express Pick-Up?
How do I receive the app discount at concession stands?


I've signed into the WiFi at Amway Center, but it isn't working.
What is the return and refund policies on items bought through the Orlando Magic App?
How do I report an issue with the app?
I need further assistance using the app.
I want to be kept up to date with the Magic while I'm not in the app.

Season Ticket Holders

New Account Manager

What is the difference between the new and previous version of Account Manager?
How do I log in?
How do I pay invoices?


How do I create an account?
How do I transfer a ticket?
How do I accept a ticket transfer?
How do I access the ticket barcode on my phone?
Why can't I return seats as a Sharepartner?
How do I contact the Fan Experience team?
Forgot your password?

Fast Break Pass

Our Fast Break Pass products give you general admission to the games included in the pass you purchased. Randomly assigned seating locations are delivered two (2) hours before tip-off on gamedays to fans who have confirmed their attendance in the FanHub portal. Please read the frequently asked questions below for more details on our product offerings, purchase flows, how tickets are assigned, and more.

General Questions

What does the Fast Break Pass include?
What types of Fast Break Passes can I buy?
If I buy a pair of passes, how can my guest get his/her pass?
Do I get a discount if I buy more than one pass?
Can I bring different people with me to each game?
Can I get a refund for unused tickets?
Are handicapped-accessible seating options available?

Getting My Tickets on Gameday

How do I get my tickets?
I didn't receive a text message, what should I do?
Why haven't I gotten my tickets for the game tonight?
Why don't I see anything when I login to the FanHub portal?
Where can I expect to sit each game with my Fast Break Pass?
How can I sit next to other Fast Break Pass holders?
I purchased a guest ticket for tonight's game. How can I make sure they are seated next to me?

Monthly Subscription

What games are included Fast Break Monthly Pass subscription?
Does my pass automatically renew each month?
How long does the Fast Break Monthly Pass subscription run?
Can I opt out of the pass if I no longer wish to attend games next month?
When will my credit card be charged during the auto-renewal process each month?

Exchanging passes

Can I sell my pass for games that I do not attend?
Can I share my pass with someone else?
I need additional help regarding the Fast Break Pass.

Entering Amway Center

How do I get into Amway Center with my pass?
How does my guest scan in with my Fast Break Pass?

Group Outings

Where can I park?
Can I bring a backpack?
What is the Amway Center camera policy?
How do I make a reservation for my group?
Can I get a refund?
Do children need their own ticket?
Do you offer wheelchair accessible seating?
Can we bring our own food?
How do I pay?
How many people are required to receive a group rate?
How do I promote my group?
Where is the Amway Center?
Where is will call?
Where am I sitting?
What happens if I lose my ticket?
What if I don't need all of the tickets I reserved? What if I need additional tickets as my game gets closer?
My child is participating in a Fan Experience. Where can I watch?
My child is participating in a Fan Experience. Do they need a ticket?
What if I am late for my Fan Experience?
What can I wear on the court when I participate in a Fan Experience?

Health and Safety

Where can I find information on health and safety protocols at Orlando Magic games?