Magic's Top Storylines: Preseason Strengths's Josh Cohen assesses the top five storylines from the preseason. Click through this slideshow for details.

The win/loss outcome means very little but sometimes preseason data is an indicator of what’s to come. Here were the Magic’s statistical strengths from the preseason (league ranking in parenthesis):

Pace/Shot Frequency: 87.3 FGA (4)
Transition: 13.7 FBPS (2)
Defensive Rebounding: 36.5 (6)
Shot Blocking: 7.0 BPG (2)
Ball Movement: 24.5 APG (11)
Protecting Paint: 38.3 Opp. PINP (9)
Protecting Ball: 16.2 TPG (5)
Guarding Perimeter: 30.3 Opp. 3-point% (4)