Film Room: 5 Most Important Bismack Biyombo Strengths

By Josh Cohen
July 11, 2016

While he’s limited offensively, Bismack Biyombo has become a very effective pick-and-roll player. In fact, during the postseason, Biyombo racked up the sixth most points in the pick-and-roll (43 total). He’s very good slipping to the basket after showing a screen and going ultra-aggressive to the rim. In the play featured below, Biyombo recognizes that his defender, Channing Frye, is paying extra attention to Kyle Lowry and he instantly sprints down the lane for the alley-oop slam. WATCH:

Along those lines, Biyombo is exceptionally good finishing through contact in the pick-and-roll. In fact, among all players in the playoffs who scored at least 35 points in the pick-and-roll, Biyombo was the only one with a 10 percent or higher AND-1 frequency. He is extremely strong and nimble and he isn’t afraid of some physical punishment inside. In the play featured below, Biyombo rolls hard to the rim and slams it home despite contact from Josh Richardson and Goran Dragic. WATCH:

Biyombo is a very good rebounder, especially on the offensive glass. He ranked 11th in the playoffs in putback scoring. Biyombo has a knack for tracking missed shots and outhustling opponents when the ball comes off the rim. In the play featured below, Biyombo races toward the hoop and denies Myles Turner from securing the rebound. Instead, Biyombo gets his fingertips on the ball to tap it in. WATCH:

Biyombo makes it very difficult for opponents to score at the rim. In the playoffs, opponents shot just 43.3 percent at the rim with Biyombo defending. He is an excellent shot blocker and he is careful to not foul when contesting. In the play featured below, Biyombo times Kevin Love perfectly. WATCH:

Biyombo’s energy is infectious and he really does an amazing job pumping the crowd up. He is pure heart and hustle and he quickly becomes a fan favorite. His dunks and blocks are usually so resounding that those plays tend to sway momentum. In the play featured below, Biyombo swats Ty Lawson from behind and then invigorates the crowd. WATCH:


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