Cohen: STUFF Goes Gangnam Style

By Josh Cohen
September 27, 2012

ORLANDO -- Every so often, a catchy and amusing track grasps our harmonious imaginations.

While we tend to hide our delight for these entrancing hits, we find ourselves whistling the melody and reciting the lyrics over and over and over and over.

It can be somewhat embarrassing at times – especially when you are at your workstation and suddenly without much realization, your next-door cubicle neighbor catches you dimly humming the words to one of these musical marvels.

Just a few months ago, we all developed a “Call Me Maybe” syndrome. We watched parody after parody of all sorts of people from different cultures and backgrounds redefine our obsession with this well-recognized tune. From the Harvard baseball team to the U.S. Olympic Swimmers to the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, many fanatics helped Carly Rae strike gold.

Most recently, though, it’s been this rather atypical melody that has captured our attention. If you haven’t heard it by now, you probably just returned from your three-week-or-so stay in Mars.

It’s called Gangnam Style and whether it’s the Korean pop star’s attention-grabbing set of dance moves, his rather distinctive outfits or just us trying to figure out what exactly the song is about, this track has become our latest guilty-pleasure.

Around Amway Center, there have been a variety of Gangnam Style flash mobs, including one that was recorded for the world to see.

While STUFF is already beloved and adored by fans across the globe, we now can appreciate him more than ever. Along with all his friends, including the Magic Dancers, STUFF officially embraced the Gangnam lifestyle when he starred in his very own music video at the AC.

If you ask me, whatever Gangnam Style is all about STUFF fits the description. He is just another reason you need to come to Amway Center for Magic games this season. You never know what act he will perform next.

Watch and enjoy!


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