Vince Carter Turns 41 – ‘It’s an honor’

The Kings veteran adds another entry to his journal on The Undefeated, discussing his birthday, mentorship and more.
by Sydney Zuelke
Digital Producer

“Half-Man, Half-Amazing” – and a whole year older.

As Vince Carter turns 41-years-old today, he reflects on the career he has now officially had for over half of his life.

In a bi-monthly journal with The Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears, Carter examines his twentieth season in the NBA. On his birthday, he speaks about keeping plans simple, while detailing a career that’s been nothing but celebrated.

“There is nothing planned for the 41st birthday. I’m going to practice [Friday]. If I can go on the golf course a little bit, I will do that. Otherwise, I am low-key. No big plans. It’s simple. But I’ll tell you, it’s still an honor to be in the league at 41. I see guys coming into the league at 19 and 20 now.”

As the oldest player in the league, it comes at no surprise that Carter plays the role of both teammate, mentor and idol.

“Often, I hear [NBA players] say, ‘I was a fan of yours when I was younger.’ I’m talking about guys who have years in the league that say, ‘Yeah, when I was younger …’ It’s even with some of my teammates and some of the veterans on my team. George Hill, for instance. He said, ‘Man, I used to have your poster in my room.’ It’s like, now I am playing with him. For me, it’s a good feeling.”

We have a feeling that while birthdays come and go, Vince Carter is here to stay.

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