Pete D'Alessandro Live Q&A Recap 3/13/14

by Katie Cracchiolo
Digital Specialist

Check out Kings General Manager Pete D'Alessandro's live Q&A that took place Thursday exclusively on the Kings App.

Pete D’Alessandro:

Hey Kings fans, great to be back with you in the Shaq Zone! Feel free to begin submitting questions now.

Q: richardrritter:

What will you be looking for specifically in the incoming class of rookies in this year's draft?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

We're looking for the most talented players.

Q: Brad Farmer:

What are the causes for the recent struggles the kings are going through and does the play of this time of the season impact the play of next season?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

I think all along we saw this season as a growing and learning process. I think how we play now will have some impact in terms of are we playing the right way to finish the season? Hopefully setting a tone for a more successful next season.

Q: edwinraymundo23:

Are you guys targeting any free agents during the off-season?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

We're working now and through the draft, talking about the draft and free agents on how to make our roster better. The answer is yes, we're always looking at the free agent market and some of those decisions will be affected by how we draft.

Q: narimonm:

Have you considered bringing in another Center and playing Cousins at the 4/PF position?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

We see DeMarcus as one of the most versatile big men in the game, allowing us to be creative in terms of the other big men that we put around him.

Q: docsorry:

Is there a discussion of exceeding salary/paying tax to get more talent on board?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

Our ownership has shown how committed they are to creating a successful team based on some of the acquisitions they've allowed us to make. We have one mission, and that is to win.

Q: stephb343:

I am very excited Orlando Johnson is with the team. I am a UCSB student. He doesn't seem to be getting much playing time recently. Do you see him with the Kings long term?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

We will be making a decision with Orlando, along with his agents in the coming days. He's been nothing short of a pro and a very talented young player. Having spent some time near the ocean at UCSB I consider their students to be among the smartest in the world, so that bodes very well for Orlando!

Q: David Lott:

Do you think playing in a small market deters players from wanting to sign with Sacramento and how do you plan on enticing players to come here?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

I think our new arena will be incredible in terms of helping us recruit players. Having an owner as innovative as Vivek and a staff as energetic as we have will also help. Ultimately, putting a winning team in the world's most advanced arena will be our recipe for success.

Q: Bradley Geiser:

What is the hardest decision you've had to make as a GM?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

I've had a number of very difficult decisions. Most recently, the Jimmer decision was very difficult. He's such a classy human being and was a truly great representative of our community.

Q: Jordan Baranco:

Who was your favorite player growing up?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

My first favorite player ever was Dr. J and the first professional basketball game I ever went to was when he played for the ABA Long Island Nets. I've stood next to him but I've yet to shake his hand. I'm still a little star-struck by Dr. J.

Q: Felix Kings2001:

Has Royce White made any progress in terms of his anxiety, so he can play with the team?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

I think Royce has worked really hard during his first 10-day contract. We both view this as a multi-step process, and I'm very pleased with his progress in this first step.

Q: Ofek Suchard:

Are u planning on resigning Isaiah this summer?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

Isaiah has had a fantastic season and we look forward to having discussions with his representatives at the appropriate time.

Q: Tyler Probst:

What's your favorite part about being an NBA GM?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

Every day is about basketball and, in my mind, nothing beats that!

Q: rezze37:

Do you think we have a chance at resigning Rudy?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

Rudy has a decision to make on an option for next year, and we traded for Rudy because we want him as part of our team. He's embraced the city and the city has embraced him. We hope for a long and prosperous relationship.

Q: Diego Cervantes:

What moves are you looking to make this offseason?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

I think we're going to continue to try to build a team with more chemistry. I know that may sound like a cliche in sports circles. But there really is something to chemistry. We're working with our scouts and analytics department to find that right combination.

Q: Tanner Nissen:

What inspired you to be involved in Sports?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

It was a combination of my father and mother. My father's love of sports influenced me at a young age and my mother's work ethic drove me to chase my dream of a career in basketball.

Q: weston_wimmer:

I think all of us want to say thank you Pete. I know a lot of us see a difference in what you're doing! Thank you thank you thank you!

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

Wow! You guys really are the best fans in the NBA and deserve nothing but the best, and I truly mean that. We're going to get this right.

Q: Michael Evans:

I would like to know, now that this first year is almost over as far as the season is concerned, how would you grade this team now compared to when the season started?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

If I were to attribute a grade to our situation as we are in the early stages of a rebuild, I would give our organization an 'E' for effort and we appreciate our fan's continued support. Our organization has worked tirelessly in an effort to right this ship and will continue to do so.

Q: Adam Surridge:

How much input do you seek (if any) from current players on the Kings when it comes to acquiring players?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

I happen to seek quite a bit, especially when specific players know other players from other teams, because nobody knows the players like players.

Q: Denis Dronov:

Pete, You getting a beard like Quincy Acy eny time soon?

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

I'd try but my wife would put her foot down... What do you think?

Q: ktcarbonell:

Hey Pete, what has been your favorite moment of the season??

A: Pete D’Alessandro:

One of the most memorable moments for me was when Rudy, Aaron and Quincy walked down the arena stairs on the night we traded for them. The fans were so supportive and it was such a proud moment.

Pete D’Alessandro:

Thanks everyone! I have to get back to session 2 for the Big 10 Tourney here in Indy. I enjoyed answering your questions while dining on St. Elmo's famous shrimp cocktail w/ Mike Bratz. I've never had horseradish so hot! Sorry for lousy selfie.

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