Original Cincinnati Royals Logo Story Revealed

Hear the unique circumstances that led the team to an early rendition of its modern-day look.
by Dan Lovi
Writer, Kings.com

The Sacramento Kings recently revealed a new team identity featuring a set of five logos. The primary logo pays tribute to the Cincinnati Royals emblem that was first created in 1971 by Cincinnati resident Bob Grove.
In a newspaper clipping shared by Uni Watch on Tuesday, Lima News Sportswriter Paul Smith chronicled how that original mark came to be in the early ‘70s.
According to the clipping, Grove designed the new insignia because he felt the team’s old logo didn’t fit with a Royals team that was “up-and-coming.”
He submitted the design to the Royals front office, not knowing the team was already planning to change its logo. After a few weeks of consideration, team officials selected Grove’s design as the Royals new symbol moving forward.
The design consisted of a blue half-basketball below a red crown with five points. “The five points represented the five starting players,” explained the designer.
The new logo also features a similar half-basketball with a five-pointed crown, but the colors have been updated to reflect the team’s long-standing Sacramento color palette. The other major difference between Grove’s logo and the newest rendition is the city’s name now sits in between the crown and ball, as opposed to above the crown.
In 1971, Grove’s insignia helped update the team’s image and create a more modern look for the era. Now in 2016, the Kings are leaning on that franchise history by reconnecting with the foundation of a logo created nearly a half-century ago.

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