Kings Shift to LA as Team USA Training Camp Continues

Harrison Barnes and De'Aaron Fox advance one step closer towards the FIBA World Cup.
by Jordan Ramirez
Digital Managing Editor

“Just being around those guys, training every single day, seeing how they compete and then coming back to my team, I think it allowed me to kind of take that next step," Harrison Barnes told The Athletic.

"I’m hoping this year, being one of the more veteran guys, hopefully pass along some of that advice, be more vocal and obviously carry that on to Sacramento.”

The 27-year-old is considered a veteran not just for USA Basketball, but for Sactown as well.

Barnes joins De'Aaron Fox in L.A. this week as Team USA continues Training Camp before the FIBA Wold Cup.

"It's definitely great to have him here," Swipa said. "To have a teammate, have somebody you have somebody to go through it with. Even here, he's still showing how to work hard."

"Last week, after every practice, we were in the weight room. Always getting that extra work's definitely great for me to go through this process with him."

The Sacramento duo joins 13 others in LA this week as USA Basketball looks to finalize its roster before the tournament tips off on Aug 31.

"I think now coming here, hopefully being able to pass along some of the things I’ve seen, some of the things I’ve experienced to guys," Barnes continued.

"Whether it’s [De’Aaron] Fox or Donovan [Mitchell], or Jayson [Tatum] or Kyle [Kuzma], guys who are going to be playing a lot of minutes, ‘These are things I’ve seen, things I’ve learned, take from it what you want and see if it applies to you.’”

Team USA will hold another exhibition on Friday against the Spanish National Team in Anaheim. The final round of cuts are expected to take place following the game.

"It's a big opportunity," explained Fox.

"Just being able to be here, I think I've gotten better as a player, as a leader. An understanding of the game entirely. If I'm able to be on this team and travel, it's a big success."

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