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Kings Q&A: Ray McCallum sat down with second-year guard Ray McCallum to discuss his offseason, how he plans to improve for next season, NBA Playoffs and more!
by Erika Marmolejo
Writer, Digital

Ray McCallum returned to Sacramento on Wednesday to participate in an NBA Get Fit Clinic at Martin Luther King Jr. Technology Academy.

It was his first time in Sactown since the end of the season three weeks ago, so caught up with the young guard to talk offseason and more.

What have you been up to so far this offseason?

“Since our last game in April against the Lakers, I went back to see my family in Detroit and was there until the end of April. I did some old school workouts with my dad’s college team and now I’m back in offseason mode about to head to L.A. to get prepared to start my summer workouts.”

Ray McCallum Talks Offseason

Does your dad assist with most of your workouts?

“When I’m in Detroit, I normally just workout with my dad. They have strength coaches at the University of Detroit that help me, so I do that and play pick-up basketball with his team. In L.A. we have workout guys and the Kings coaches come to work out with me also.”

What is a typical workout for you when the coaches come to visit you?

“Normal workout in the morning will probably go for about an hour and a half. We generally start with ball handling and shooting. This summer it will be a lot of pick and rolls and three-pointers.”

Does that leave you time to travel, relax, or take a vacation?

“Yeah, I still have a lot of time to relax but I don’t have any big planned vacations set up at the moment.”

Do you and your teammates keep in touch during the offseason?

“Yeah, we all definitely stay in touch - I talk to a good portion of the team. You’d be surprised a lot of guys are California guys so we all find ways to be in L.A. together or meet up somewhere on the west coast.”

How do you plan to improve for next season?

“For me, just being a point guard and working on my reads. I also want to become a better shooter on all areas of the floor, but specifically three-point shooting. I have to get more consistent and make better reads as a point guard.”

Have you been to the movies at all this summer?

“I haven’t but I’m looking forward to Entourage.

What about concerts or sporting events, have you attended any of those or plan to?

“No I haven’t been to anything I have to get more active.” (Laughs)

Speaking of sporting events, you mentioned earlier you wouldn’t be surprised to see the Spurs win it all. Are you surprised that they got knocked out in the first round?

“Man! Well, I’m not surprised but I didn’t think we would see the Clippers and Spurs matched up like that in the first round. So, if you ask me again, I would switch it up. It was really a great Game Seven - the Clippers were tough, CP3 was tough there was nothing the Spurs could have done. I think I said the Warriors in the finals, right?”

You mentioned Warriors and Hawks and Spurs Cavs potentially.

“Yeah I gave y’all two matchups because I can’t choose just one.”

You chose Marc Gasol for Defensive Player of the Year, were you surprised to see Kawhi Leonard win it?

“I picked Gasol for Defensive Playr of the Year? I really wasn’t thinking! I think Kawhi is a great defender, but the only reason I’m kind of surprised is because he only played like 50 games or something right?”

So what are your Finals predictions now?

“I still like the Warriors. If Golden State wins this series I think they’ll be in the Finals. I didn’t know Derrick Rose was going to be back to playing like this so the Eastern Conference is kind of tough. I still can’t give you a prediction!”

Would you say you emulate your game after anyone?

“I try to take bits and pieces from a lot of different players’ games and just try to add it to mine but no one in particular.”

What about NBA 2K15? Do you play as yourself?

“Obviously I have to, but it’s tough because every time I play as myself I just shoot and that’s not the way to get it done.”

Do you have a video game career-high as yourself?

“I probably had like 62 points. It’s tough because if I’m playing I literally just shoot the ball every time.”

How does it feel being able to see yourself play in a video game?

“It was a little different at first. Actually seeing yourself out there is a dream come true for me though. It’s something I’ve always wanted and it’s a lot of fun getting to see yourself play on a game.”

Did you watch the NFL Draft?

“I do like football, but for some reason this year I didn’t watch the Draft like that. I’ve been watching the Playoff games.”

Who’s your NFL team?

“Well, being in Detroit I like the Lions but I also lived in Indiana a lot, so I like the Colts as well.

Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

“To the fans, I have a big summer for myself going. I’m going to put a lot of hard work in, get a lot better and come back next year much more improved and ready to help the team win as many games as possible.”

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