Jr. Kings All Girls Clinic X STEM Camp Recap

It was an empowering day for the young girls in attendance of the Jr. Kings All-Girls Clinic, with numerous inspiring women contributing to the camp’s major success. 

Not one, but two WNBA stars – Danielle Viglione and former Sacramento Monarch Monique Ambers – came out to the clinic to help our young athletes learn some new skills and empower the girls on the court.

Sacramento Kings Assistant Head Coach Bryan Gates was in attendance, as he brought his daughter to participate in the clinic, as well as assist in coaching the others.

The girls gave it their all on the court, and after three hours of techniques and drills there was a well-deserved pizza delivery for all the talented young athletes to enjoy before the STEM Camp begun.

Not only were the girls empowered through basketball, the next generation was also encouraged to be proactive in exploring opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math.

The STEM Camp was led by Micron Gives, and in the matter of an hour the girls of the STEM Camp had built their own robots with just a few materials.

It was an experience that the girls of the Jr. Kings can reflect on for days to come, and know that they have the ability to make an impact with anything they set their minds to.