Hip-Hop Royalty

Kings.com’s Alex Kramers recounts Kings players’ presence in the hip-hop scene, including C-Webb’s debut rap album and Rudy Gay’s cameo in a recent Drake video.
by Alex Kramers
Writer, Kings.com

Since the early 1990s, dozens of NBA players have crossed over into the hip-hop industry, from releasing their own full-length albums to making cameos in chart-topping rap artists’ music videos.

Most notably, Kings Minority Owner Shaquille O’Neal dropped multiple certified gold and platinum albums – as well as notoriously freestyled on numerous occasions – while Jason Kidd, Cedric Ceballos, Brian Shaw and Dana Barros are among the emcees on 1994's legendary compilation album, "B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret." Last year, a teaser video promoted the forthcoming “Full Court Press Vol. 1” – an apparently real album featuring rap collaborations from the likes of Juwan Howard, Carlos Boozer and Glen "Big Baby" Davis with Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg and T-Pain – but while it promised a fall 2014 release date, the official website only states the highly-anticipated record is 'coming soon.'

Numerous Kings legends – including Chris Webber and Walt Williams – have showcased their rapping prowess in recording studios over the years, while several other Sacramento hip-hop junkies have delved into the genre by making brief music-video appearances.

Chris Webber

In the midst of his first season in The River City in 1999, the five-time All-Star released his debut rap album, 2 Much Drama, under the moniker of C. Webb. The 21-track, independent-label record features Kurupt on the top-10 single "Gangsta, Gangsta (How U Do It)” – which is accompanied by an outstanding video loaded with clichéd choreographed dances and shiny suits – as well as a guest appearance from Redman on “Nuttin' ta Do.”

The current TNT and NBA TV analyst also has production and writing credits on several hip-hop songs, including Nas’ 2007 hit single “Surviving the Times.” The Detroit native’s rap aspirations trace back as far as 1994, when during an appearance on BET’s “Rap City,” Webber revealed he was forming his own record label with Naughty by Nature’s DJ Kay Gee.

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