Haliburton Named 'Future Star' by ESPN

The Rookie of the Year race is coming down to the wire.

In a ranking of the top rookies based on future star potential, ESPN listed Haliburton as one of the best.

"I've been a Haliburton believer since his unheralded freshman season at Iowa State," explained Kevin Pelton. "And yet his NBA performance has still blown me away in terms of his accuracy as a shooter and ability to create problems for defenses in the pick-and-roll game -- two perceived weaknesses entering the draft."

Haliburton is coming off a win over Dallas, registering a double double starting in place of De'Aaron Fox.

Pelton ranked Haliburton as his second-highest rookie based on future potential, while Mike Schmitz had No. 0 as his third-highest ranked rookie.

"The fit with De'Aaron Fox is perfect," writes Mike Schmitz. "And I've heard nothing but rave reviews about how quickly Haliburton was able to change the culture in Sacramento with his intangibles and magnetic personality."