Giles Opens Up For Players Tribune

The Kings rookie forward discusses his career, recovery efforts, and what’s next.
by Shahbaz Khan
Managing Editor, Digital

A unanimous No. 1 high school prospect turned first round NBA Draft pick, at first glance, Harry Giles’ story seems to be one that’s been told many times before.

Unprecedented ball handling, athleticism, and length combine to make the 6-foot-11 forward a rarity on the hardwood – combine that with three surgical procedures, years of intense rehab, and an unmatched passion for the game, and there’s a lot more to Giles than what meets the eye.

“All people were talking about were my knees and not what kind of player I could be,” wrote Giles in an exclusive piece for The Players’ Tribune.

By now, fans are familiar with some of the Duke product’s past.

While they wait for his future on the NBA hardwood, though, the 19-year-old has a message for Sacramento faithful, “Sacramento, listen — I’m here to work toward being the player that I imagined.”

Read the entire piece written by Giles here.

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