De'Aaron Fox Drops by The Lowe Post Podcast

No. 5 chops it up with ESPN Senior Insider Zach Lowe about the Kings recent run, the All-Star Game and more.
by Jordan Ramirez
Digital Managing Editor

“The turnaround might have been when two of our games got canceled," Fox explained to Zach Lowe.

"It would have been a back-to-back in Memphis because they had the COVID stuff and those two games got canceled, so we ended up staying home. We had a few extra days of practice, and since then it’s been on an uphill battle."

Swipa had plenty to say about Sacramento's recent winning streak on The Lowe Post this week.

“It’s been great, we’ve been playing well. Defensively, we got so much better. Offensively, I mean I think we were fine," continued No. 5.

"We were in a good place offensively, but defense, if you're giving 120-130 points, you’re not winning games. You’re not gonna win games in this league. After having those two days of extra practice, then we hit the East Coast for a trip. We’ve been well, we’ve been off really well.”

Sactown has won seven of their last nine games, while De'Aaron has won Western Conference Player of the Week and Tyrese Haliburton took home Western Conference Player of the Month.

"Like I said, after those two practices," Fox continued. "Guys have been defending, everybody’s been on one page as far as defense is concerned, and we’ve been able to get those stops when we need it.”

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