'Chris' Bibby Fools Two Hoopers, Dominates Game of '21'

Video of the game surfaced on Mike Bibby's son's Twitter account on Wednesday.
by Jason Wise
Director, Digital

Fans don't often get a chance to play basketball with former NBA stars, but sometimes, when they get the opportunity, they may not even know it.

Former Kings guard Mike Bibby was attending his daughter's volleyball practice when he stepped out onto an outdoor half-court to challenge two young players to a game of "21."

The moment was captured by his 20-year-old son, Michael, on Wednesday and shared to his Twitter account.

No. 10, in an effort to make the game seem fair, went by the pseudonym "Chris" while playing.

This may fly in Phoenix, but if the sharpshooting Kings fan favorite tried this in Sacramento, he'd have no chance trying to fool anyone.

Check out the complete clip below:

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