Behind the Head Tie: Fox’s New Look

Get the inside scoop into Swipa’s latest on-court style.
by Kyle Ramos
Social Coordinator

Look good, play good.

That’s the approach for many players in the NBA, including De’Aaron Fox. In his sophomore season, Swipa has introduced a new accessory on the hardwood – the head tie.

Not to be confused with the traditional headbands you see many players rock, the head tie is a growing trend in itself this season in the Association.

“[Jrue] Holiday is the first one that I saw do it,” said Fox. “I just thought it was cool style so I just started wearing it.”

Fox, Holiday, and several others like Montrezl Harrell and Jarrett Allen are just a few names on the growing list of players ushering in this new movement.

“Everyone was wearing the regular headbands and I figured [the head tie] would go well with my long hair,” said No. 5.

Whether it’s how he plays or the way he gears up – the swagger Swipa brings to the hardwood is undeniable.

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