5 Things Kyle Guy Can’t Live Without

The Virginia product lists his essentials.
by Kyle Ramos
Social Coordinator

Lives change drastically when you’re drafted to the NBA, but there are always some constants for No. 55 pick Kyle Guy.

We caught up with the second-rounder to find out which five things he absolutely cannot live without:

1. My fiancee
“She’s been with me through it all, through thick and thin.”

2. Movies/TV shows
“I’m huge into that. Game of Thrones or Friends - I’m a diehard fan. My favorite movie is Inception, because I like that mind-blowing stuff.”

3. Apple juice
“I’m obsessed with apple juice. I had some on the plane [ride over to Sacramento].”

4. A basketball
“It’s taken me to so many places and I’m hyped to be on this next level."

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5. Food
“I know I’m a little bit skinny, but I eat all the time. Crab legs are one of my favorites. King crab, stone crab - don’t get me started.”

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