5 Things Justin James Can’t Live Without

The Kings second-rounder names a few things that are essential to him.
by Kyle Ramos
Social Coordinator

Everyone has those important things in their lives that they absolutely need and Sacramento’s No. 40 pick is no different.

Here are the five things that Justin James says he can’t live without:

1. A basketball

“My life revolves around basketball. It has taken me so many different places.”

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2. My grandma’s cooking

“I love her cooking. It’s the best in the world and it just feels like home.”

3. My cell phone

“Obviously, you know can’t get in touch with anybody if you don’t have your phone on you these days.”

4. My girlfriend

“She’s done everything for me. She’s helped me get to this situation I’m in today and without her I wouldn’t be here.”

5. My Kobe basketball shoes

“I’ve been playing in them for five or six years now. The Kobe 8s - not just any Kobe’s. Those are my babies. They make me feel like myself on the court.”

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