Postgame Quotes - March 26, 2014

Pistons vs. Cavaliers

Detroit: John Loyer | Brandon Jennings

Cleveland: Mike Brown | Dion Waiters | Mike Dellavedova

Pistons Head Coach John Loyer

(On the last play): “We had an idea of the two or three plays they could run. They ran the one that we diagramed when they called timeout and they ran one of the two that we showed them that they would run after the timeout. (Dion) Waiters made a big shot.”

(On the game): “They played their hearts out. You’re a shot away from winning the game. But you do have to think about all of the little things whether it’s a missed free throw, whether it’s a missed block out. It goes more than just the last play when you lose a tight game. There are so many things during the game you could change.”

Pistons Guard Brandon Jennings

(On the fourth quarter): “They got aggressive; they started using pick-and-rolls. But I think we were kind of rushing a little bit instead of just taking our time.”

(On the fourth quarter): “We had a couple bad possessions down the stretch where we couldn’t get a shot and they were just able to counter and get shots.”

(On losing): “They made it with a hand in the face, what more can I say?”

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

(On fourth quarter): "It was a heck of a win by our guys. I did not realize we were down 16 and because our owner did not make it to the game, I guess our junior owner Nick Gilbert reminded me that we were down 16 going into the fourth. For us to come back and keep our composure when we have had some struggles being down late in games is fantastic."

(On not giving up): "Whether they win or not it is good to see the fight that they have in them. That is what championship teams do and we are nowhere near that, do not get me wrong, but to see signs of life in that direction is a great thing as a coach."

(On team bench): "You saw how the bench was reacting throughout the entire fourth quarter and even after the game the bench was awesome.”

Cavaliers Guard Dion Waiters

(On game-winning shot): "Luol (Deng) told me he was going to come to me, to get separation and be ready. I got separation and I was able to knock the shot down. I knew it was good when I let it go."

(On win): "It was a great feeling, it was big time shot and I loved the way my teammates reacted. It was the best feeling in the world.”

Cavaliers Guard Matthew Dellavedova

(On win): "It was a great feeling. We were down 16 points at one point, so everyone came up big down the stretch. We knew if we could get a couple of stops and get a bit of a run on them, we could have a shot at the end. Dion (Waiters) made a big play."

(On individual play): "I just tried to bring some energy in the third quarter to try and keep us going. I was able to do that and we were able to get a huge win tonight."