Postgame Quotes - January 5, 2017

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY:  (On Boban Marjanovic): “He was great, tremendous, great effort. He even ran the floor a couple of times for a post steal. Probably the biggest reason that game got close is because I took him out for a rest. Then it got late and I didn’t go back to him. I should’ve just left him in, as tired as he was the game probably would’ve been over.”


(On end of second quarter, Kemba Walker foul): “That wasn’t a good foul, but I don’t think that sparked him. He is a great player, and we didn’t guard. Our pick-and-roll defense in the second half was not good.”


DETROIT PISTONS GUARD REGGIE JACKSON:  (On game):  “We are content with getting the win.  It’s not the way we wanted to finish the game.  Fortunately we got the win.  Unfortunately we didn’t finish the way we want to…hats off to a good team.  They came back.  They competed.  They battled.  They found some holes in our defense and made us pay, but we are happy with the results.  It was a good win, but we have to learn to keep competing.  We got to stop trying to waste time and just get through the game, but just continue to compete and be the best version of you for 48 minutes.


(On Boban Marjanovic): “He was phenomenal.  He was major man.  What he did was special.  He got second-chance points, kept the ball alive for us, and helped us get them in foul trouble.  Everyone else got the chance to eat and get to the free throw line all because of what he did…hats off to just the performance that he had and the dynamic that he brought to the game.”


DETROIT PISTONS CENTER BOBAN MARJANOVIC:  (On offensive rebounding):  “I (have) good size, (am) strong, and I lift.  They allow me to get the ball and get to the free throw line and that’s it.”


CHARLOTTE HORNETS HEAD COACH STEVE CLIFFORD: (On flow of game tonight): “Those guys did a good job. Down three, we got the layup. Good job fouling, he missed a free-throw so it was two. We had a chance of a slip, that was when the foul came on. That’s when they put us to the free throw-line because they were switching. In the last play, not that it’s a bad idea, 0.5 it’s got to be only one guy to touch the ball. They did a good job. Situation and stuff was good, we broke the lineup there in the third quarter we just got rocked. It went like 19 to five and we tied the game.”


(On Pistons inside presence with Andre Drummond and Boban Marjanovic): “They were a big part of it and then it was obviously (Tobias) Harris and (Marcus) Morris, particularly when we broke the lineup. When Mike (Kidd-Gilchrist) or Nic (Batum) both weren’t in the game at times we’d really struggle and lose defensive positions.”


CHARLOTTE HORNETS CENTER SPENCER HAWES: (On fourth quarter): “It’s frustrating. We battled and we don’t have to question whether this team is going to do that or not. When you dig a hole like that on the road, especially on the second night of a back-to-back, you put so much into just getting yourself back into the game and just giving yourself a chance. That being said, it came down to one possession game at the end. They played great defense on that last set but at the end of the day if you know the situation we’re in, we battle back to make it that close, you take it and hope you get one more bounce.”


(On Boban Marjanovic and inside game tonight): “They came out, they beat us up on the boards early and that’s on me. That’s on the bigs, we’ve got to take care, we’ve got to do a better job. That was definitely a factor and we can’t have that happen.”