Postgame Quotes - February 10, 2012

Pistons vs Nets
Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Jonas Jerebko | Tayshaun Prince

Nets: Avery Johnson | Shawne Williams

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On the progress of the game): “It started with our defense and after that initial first that they came out with. Then we were able to get out and transition, share the ball and were able to defend the three-point line, we were able to limit their second shots, we were able to rim run which put pressure on their guards, protect the basket which opened up seams for our guards to get in the paint, and then when they went zone we were able to score. I think they went zone six times, I think we scored three or four of the six and then we were able to stretch out the lead in the third quarter and get it up to 30 and then their ability to drive the ball and get to the free-throw line cut the deficit, but I thought all in all very good effort.”

(On Rodney Stuckey the last two games): “I thought Rodney (Stuckey) played very well on both ends. Brandon (Knight) gets two fouls, we bring Walker (Russell) in and Rodney, moved him on Deron Williams, and he did a great job of taking the challenge, I thought Rodney really played very well on both ends.”

(On pushing the ball more the last two games): “I think that it’s just that we’re trying to get better, and I said it from the beginning, this is going to be a process, we’re far from figuring it out. Are we getting better? Yes, but it’s an everyday grind of trying to get to where we want to go.”

(On the team connecting and if that chemistry is part of the process): “Well, I think anytime you play good basketball chemistry forms, once you start to figure out what your formula is for winning you start to have some success committing to it, guys are playing well and giving good production, that’s all a part of jelling.”

Pistons Forward Jonas Jerebko

(On points in the paint): "Definitely that's where you get the easiest points. We just got to get into the paint and go from there, that's definitely a game-plan for us."

(On his rhythm): "I missed a few games last year, so you’re just trying to get into rhythm and my teammates are finding me now and we’re just letting the ball do the work.”

(On coming off the bench): “I just try to go in and play my game. The only change is who you’re playing with. I just try to go out there and bring energy and play as a team.”

(On ball movement): “The ball has been moving, we’re getting easy buckets, open shots and that’s the way we want to play.”

Pistons Forward Tayshaun Prince

(On winning four in a row): “I see improvement as far as when teams make a run on us we’ve been able to respond. We’ve played some solid defense and pushed it. We haven’t run plays a lot, we’ve tried to attack early and that’s opened up a lot of things for us the past few games.”

(On progress): “We’re a very young team and with a young team chemistry is going to take a while; trying to feel each other out as far as trying to develop it. I expected us to play faster, create turnovers and just go and when that happens it opens up things for us and guys get more comfortable.”

Nets Head Coach Avery Johnson

(On loss): "Very disappointing. We got off to a decent start. We were up 7-0 and they came back and took control of the game. They were hitting on every cylinder. We had poor execution on both ends of the floor and we just can't finish in the paint right now. We missed more layups than a lot of teams I've seen so we have to do a better job of finishing in the paint. We talked about defense, defense, defense but we put a lot of pressure on our offense when we're not taking care of the ball or finishing our shots in the paint."

(On what’s different compared to when they defeated the Pistons earlier this season): "They've gotten some confidence. We had a little bit of confidence when we went into Philly and won and went into Cleveland and won; haven’t played really that great since then so we're searching to get our confidence back."

(On poor shooting performance): "We get two and three guys on Deron (Williams) and we got to get guys making some plays for us, unless he scores 40, and I'm not sure if that's going to happen every night. It's a team game. As a staff we have to do a better job of getting our guys ready to play."

(On getting out-rebounded): "It’s not rocket science. We're undersized and we’re not that athletic. Greg Monroe and (Jason) Maxiell and Ben Wallace, those guys are pretty athletic. This is pretty much who we are. Because of that we have to make more contact. We can't allow guys to get running starts on us because we're not going to win a jumping contest."

Nets Forward Shawne Williams

(On loss): "We have to do better as players. That's all it comes down to. Body language has to be different, including me. It starts with me and a lot of other guys. We just have to do a better job. We have to be poised.”

(On losing early lead): "I don't know, we just weren't playing our pace. We have a certain pace we play at and they have a certain pace they play at and I believe we were playing (at) their pace."

(On playing with only eight players): "It's tough, but like I said a long time ago, it’s the NBA. Any night, any team could lose to whomever as long as the other team’s ready to play and, just like tonight, we weren't ready to play with the exception of a couple other guys. We have to do a better job as a team and everybody being involved and having that team camaraderie."