Postgame Quotes - April 13, 2012

Pistons vs Bucks
Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Ben Gordon

Bucks: Scott Skiles | Drew Gooden | Brandon Jennings

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On the Milwaukee Bucks Defense) – “Yeah they started to run a horn-set, where basically you pick and pop and they scored six quick points off of that. Then (Drew) Gooden started to get a really good rhythm. (Tonight) they were the aggressor, even just catching and passing they made difficult for us, dribble hand offs were difficult, and they were into our bodies; into our skin. They were the aggressors they played with desperation of urgency for 48 minutes; and we had many breakdowns and we started to lose a little ‘oomph.’ I thought our second unit battled and fought and kept on bringing us back from deficits but overall they played a very good game and we couldn’t match what they were able to bring.”

(On the early turnovers) – “Well you saw right from the very beginning they were picking us up, denying every entry pass, into our bodies on screens and so we had those quick six turnovers. But the tempo they played at and their disposition, they were the definite aggressors. I think it impacted us and over the course of time they definitely posted well.”

(On giving up assists) – “One is their ability is to move the ball and what they did a great job of was taking advantage of our mistakes and that is what really good offense does. They work you, they make you move whether it’s putting two on the ball or stretching your stunts. They really played a very efficient game. In the second half, 23 of the 25 field goals were assisted. Again, our defense wasn’t very good but you have to give them credit for taking advantage of our mistakes.”

Pistons Guard Ben Gordon

(On Milwaukee’s Offense) “They are that good. They’ve been doing that since they made that trade. I think they’ve been averaging about 103 (points) per game. Monta (Ellis) and Brandon Jennings, just the way that they play, they put a lot of pressure on you throughout the game. I thought they did a good job tonight of getting where they need to get on the floor. They had balance scoring. They gave us some trouble.”

(On Coach Frank taking blame for loss) “You have to give them (Milwaukee) credit. They’ve been playing well. Like I said, they have been scoring that many points on a lot of people this year, especially since the trade. I don’t know what he could have done differently, but you just have to give the credit. They played well.”

(On movement) “They did a good job of getting everybody involved. They moved the ball really well. If you are a little bit slow in your rotations, they will make you pay and that’s what they did tonight.

Bucks Head Coach Scott Skiles

(On game) "We came with a lot of energy tonight. We were up on them early in the game in the back court. It was an overall good game for us. We moved the ball well, we had a couple dicey moments in the third quarter where we got a little loose with it but we'll do well."

(On applying pressure) "It's always a plan whether we get it done or not. Even though it was a tight game even in the first six minutes of the game, we like our energy. We thought we were upbeat and we were going to bring it tonight and we did."

(On Drew Gooden) "Our guards made some nice plays to him (Gooden) and he was knocking them down. It's one of those games where everybody came in the game and did something positive for us and that's normally when we play well."

(On the Philadelphia 76ers recent loss) "We got a little help but it's just one day. We don't want to watch that too much. We have a very difficult game tomorrow night that we have to go win."

Bucks Center Drew Gooden

(On personal performance) - "Coach talked about if I had a good game or play that way, that we're a tough team to beat so it showed tonight."

(On offense) - "We were good. Whenever we have a game where we almost have 40 assist you have to say that we most likely win that game. Sharing the ball and shooting over 50 percent from the field was huge for us."

(On previous game) - "I didn't use that as motivation, I used that as the best situation for us to win that ball game. We came close to winning that ball game with that scheme so how can you be mad or down yourself when you almost beat a team like that."

Bucks Guard Brandon Jennings

(On game) - "That's something coach talked to me and Monta (Ellis) about a couple days ago. I thought our pressure on defense set a tone. We tried to do that against New York and we did it tonight again so we're just going to keep it up."

(On Philadelphia losing tonight) -"That's big but we just have to keep going. We know we have a tough one tomorrow against Indiana, a team that kind of blew us out at home so we're looking for revenge. Right now we're just playing like this was our last game."