Detroit Pistons Introduce New Logos

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — July 11, 2005 — The Detroit Pistons are pleased to introduce a new primary and secondary logo for the 2005-06 season.

Returning to a more traditional primary identity, the Pistons have made a point to strengthen their connection with the area by including the word "Detroit". They have also eliminated any and all horse representation. The most prominent use of the new primary logo will be at center court on the Pistons floor. The secondary logo, which incorporates a subtle "D" inside the Pistons "P", will appear on the players' uniform shorts. Official colors for the new logos are PMS 199 (red), PMS 293 (royal blue) and PMS 282 (navy blue).

"The new primary logo has some subtle changes, but what a great combination of the Detroit Pistons logo from the Bad Boys era (and before) and our current word mark logo," said Pistons CEO Tom Wilson. "The new primary and secondary logos are solid representations of the Detroit Pistons and make a connection between the team and the area. We kept a very low profile at the 2005 Draft with this logo, but today we want everyone to know that we have a new logo; one that remembers the past and will carry us into the future."

Hooper, the Detroit Pistons mascot since 1996, was rumored to be losing his job as the Pistons horsepower theme was being phased out. However, because of a petition drive that saw Hooper collect over 5,000 signatures, Pistons management decided to keep the popular horse.

"Yes, he got enough signatures to convince us to keep him around," Wilson said. "We gave him a job to do and, true to the Detroit Pistons philosophy, Hooper went to work and collected those signatures. We found out how popular that crazy horse is with Pistons fans. Everybody loves Hooper!"

The new primary and secondary logos will be incorporated into the organization over the course of the summer. However, new Pistons merchandise, including hats, t-shirts and shorts, is already available at all Detroit Pistons Locker Room Stores in the area as well as online at www.pistons.com.

Rock Financial is the presenting sponsor for the Detroit Pistons. For more information regarding the Detroit Pistons new primary and secondary logos, please contact the Palace at (248) 377-0100 or visit www.pistons.com.