Pelicans vs. Raptors Postgame Quotes (1/2/21) | 2020-21 NBA


On the big defensive plays down the stretch to secure the win:
“Overall, I probably thought it was our worst defensive game of the year. We didn’t do a great job getting back. We didn’t do a good job keeping the ball out of the paint. We could’ve been better, but you’re right: down the stretch, we played good defense. We made shots tough, and we did a good job down the stretch. When we needed it, we got it. Actually, when we got back and got set, we weren’t awful defensively. We weren’t great, but we weren’t awful. However, in transition, I just didn’t think we did a very good job tonight, but it’s good to be able to come in and talk about that tomorrow and watch film coming in after a win.”

On the resiliency of the team to hold off the Raptors’ final run:
“Todd (Graffagnini), you could’ve given my postgame talk. That’s exactly what I said, and I’ve said that two or three times this year about our team. The thing I like the best – there’s still a lot to work on obviously, but the thing I like the best is our resilience. I mean we’ve hung in there. Obviously, the Phoenix game got away from us, but the first Toronto game, we were down and had to come back with a great second half. In the Miami game, we got way down and came back to make it a game, and then they were able to close it out on us. San Antonio did pretty much the same thing. We got ahead, but they came back and took the lead, and then we finished it out. We’re already here early in the year having a pattern of resiliency, and I think that’s obviously a good thing for a team to have.”


On how the Pelicans fought through a very physical game tonight against the Raptors:
“That’s just one of those things, we are trying to attack downhill mostly. We created a lot of contact there and that’s how we wanted to play, physical. It’s just good to see the boys trying to finish through here."

On what it’s like being able to watch Brandon Ingram close out games for the Pelicans:
“It’s good. He’s swinging at the knees, especially in this game mate. He was bloody brilliant. We are going to lean on him every game…mostly him and Zion [Williamson], so don’t be surprised.”


On the physicality of tonight’s game:
“It was a very physical game. I think we battled through it and I’m just glad we got the win."

On what the team had to do defensively to close out the Raptors:
“Just to be more physical. When they were muscling us and being more physical with us in the first half, Coach came in at halftime and said they were being stronger than us and I think that ignited something in us to go out there and be more physical.”

On Brandon Ingram’s contributions so far this season:
"Brandon has been playing great overall. He always steps up for us. When we need him, he is there for us. Brandon has been a great teammate and a great player and overall, I have been highly impressed with him”.