Pelicans-Jazz postgame quotes 2-8-17

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry:

“They just beat us in every phase of the game. Their execution was flawless. Defensively, they made it tough for us to get into any kind of offensive set and they shot the ball well. Joe Johnson shot it exceptionally well from three. Everything they do, they just execute, get the ball where they wanted to. They’re a very good basketball team. With George Hill in their lineup they’re 19-4. He’s kind of the engine that makes them go. He does a good job of running things and setting it up. They’re a very good basketball team. I think they’ve got everything. They’ve got size, they’ve got depth, and they can shoot the ball. They’ve got guys that can dribble-penetrate, create shots so I think they’re very solid.”

On Anthony Davis’s performance:

“Just really tough. We got him the ball, but they’ve got long guys and they’ve got big guys and long guys. We like to see him with more than 12 shots, but they do a good job of taking things away from you. They’re the number one defensive team in the league and you can see why.”

Pelicans Jrue Holiday:

“We missed some shots and they’re a good defensive team. We missed some easy ones and just couldn’t find the holes (in their defense).”

On the game:

“Just seemed like everything was going their way. There was a point in the second half where they were just knocking down everything; flipping them up and going in. Loose balls were in our hands and they’d still pick it up and score. Little things like that kind of deflate you but we got another game in a couple of days.”

Pelicans forward Solomon Hill:

On the strengths of the Jazz:

“All in all, with every team we’ve played this year, that was one of the best teams we’ve played. You know with Golden State, they are top heavy and everyone can name their all-stars, but we give Utah a lot of credit. Defensively, Rudy Gobert does what he does and collectively they guard. You look at Gordon Hayward not playing from the third quarter on and Joe Johnson having 27. Any given night, any of those guys can be a problem.”

On the offensive struggles:

“Going against a team like that you have to move the ball. They are waiting for guys to come in there and Gobert is meeting everybody at the rim. We have to make those extra passes. I think if we make those passes, guys knock down shots, and we stay with it we will be more consistent throughout the game. You can’t have those short breaks from scoring. You have to score the whole game.”