New Orleans Pelicans v LA Clippers
Orlando, FL - AUGUST 1: Zion Williamson #1 of the New Orleans Pelicans looks on against the LA Clippers on August 1, 2020 at HP Field House at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida.
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Transcript: Pelicans forward Zion Williamson media availability - August 2, 2020

Zion Williamson Media Availability – August 2, 2020

On how tough is it for him to get into a rhythm while playing limited minutes the past two games:
“It’s very tough, to be honest, because as soon as I start to break that sweat, I look over and that horn’s for me and I have to come out of the game. Also, when I do catch the flow of the game, like I said, that horn goes off, and it’s for me.”

On if he is frustrated with not being able to get into a flow the past two games:
“No, because when I get frustrated, that doesn’t help the situation, so I try to look at it from different perspectives, as in, when I’m out there, what can I do to contribute.”

On the mood of the Pelicans after last night’s loss to the Clippers and when was the last time he personally suffered a loss where the game got away from him:
“I don’t remember, I really don’t. It was probably some AAU game back in fifth grade, maybe. I don’t really remember. The mood in the locker room was, it was a loss, but we have to move on and focus on the next game and worry about getting the win.”

On if he feels physically different since practicing in Orlando or are his bursts restrictions precautionary:
“I think it’s just really all a precautionary thing. I feel the same, and it’s just like you said, precautionary.”

On why the Pelicans turned the ball over so much in the last two seeding games:
“I think just over-passing. Sometimes we’ll pass up on good shots. Some of us will – four people will make a cut when only one or two people need to do it, and that forces us to pass the ball to no one out of bounds or pass it behind someone. In both games, both teams have capitalized off our turnovers, and that has been a key part to our losses.”

On if he expects to play more in tomorrow night’s game:
“I’m not going to give you an answer to that question. I don’t want to give you something, and then it be something else, so we’ll find out come Monday.”

On if it’s hard to have fun playing in a game while on a bursts restriction:
“It’s still fun, but I guess, like you said, it’s not to the full extent, as I guess you are all used to seeing, because I’m a competitor, and I want to stay on the court, so when I’m coming out of the game, my competitive side of me is telling me, ‘man, I just want to stay in,’ so I guess that does effect the fun a little bit, but not too much.”

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