Pelicans News Around the Web (2-21-2020)

Pelicans eager to make playoff push, build on strong past two months

The list of what if’s seems endless: What if Zion Williamson hadn’t missed the first 44 games? What if New Orleans avoided stretching a franchise-record losing streak to 13 in December? What if the Pelicans hadn’t been one of the NBA’s most injury-hit teams early in 2019-20, even setting aside Williamson’s absence? It’s tempting for Crescent City fans and media to speculate and rue how much better position the Pelicans could be in standings-wise, but for players and coaches, it’s all about focusing on the present and the future.

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Kushner: Pelicans must get hot now or their postseason hopes will vanish

There’s no easing back in.

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Zion Williamson is not into what-ifs; No. 1 overall pick only looking ahead as Pelicans are finally healthy

Zion Williamson is not into hypotheticals.

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