Five things to know about the Pelicans on Mar. 1, 2018

1)      The Pelicans won on San Antonio's home floor for just the fifth time in 29 visits, extending the win streak to seven. 

2)      Jrue Holiday led the surge in the fourth quarter at the AT&T center last night and finished with 25 points, watch his postgame interview with Jen Hale. 

3)      Go inside the game and check out game action photos from the Pelicans vs. San Antontio Spurs match up. 

4)      Didn't get a chance to watch the Pelicans continue their win streak? Watch the game highlights and catch up on all of the action. 

5)      What does it mean to be a part of Squad 6? Senior vice president of sale Mike Stanfield breaks it down with Jen Hale.