24 Seconds presented by Ibotta: King Cake Baby

With a combination of awe, bewilderment and trepidation, Pelicans.com approached King Cake Baby to ask if he would be this week’s “24 Seconds” Q&A guest, careful not to make any sudden movements. To our delight, the global superstar accepted the invitation, despite this being his most hectic time of the year. KCB helped dispel a few misconceptions and discussed his relationships with several of his greatest admirers across the basketball world and beyond:

Pelicans.com: You recently tweeted that you have awoken from an 11-month nap. How would you describe the King Cake Baby offseason?

King Cake Baby: What happens during King Cake Baby offseason stays in King Cake Baby offseason.

Pelicans.com: What were some of your biggest New Year’s resolutions for 2022?

King Cake Baby: Lose weight. Ya know when you live in a king cake year round, you eat a lot of it. It’s really the only thing I eat now that I think about it. That’s tough when you always have your shirt off and go to events in just a diaper. The TV angles don’t do me any favors either!

Pelicans.com: How would you describe your relationship with ESPN’s Zach Lowe?

King Cake Baby: How would you describe your best friend? Because that’s what Zach is to me. BFF. Family. Many people will point out how often he warns the ESPN audience of my existence and encourages them to run away from me when they see me based out of fear. And that fear is real: it’s his fear of losing me as his best friend. Scared someone else might come along and take his spot.

Pelicans.com: Which celebrity do you wish you had a better relationship and understanding with during Carnival season?

King Cake Baby: Charles Barkley has said some mean things about me, which is hurtful. Many have speculated he’s my dad, and this is not the platform to discuss the validity of that, but I wish we had a better relationship. I feel like we could be quite a media duo. Woodward-Bernstein, Stephen A and Skip – ya know, the top journalism duos of all time. Chuck and KCB could be at that level.

Pelicans.com: During your illustrious mascot career, which person or persons have you met that have been the most alarmed/frightened by your presence?

King Cake Baby: Despite what you may read in the news or Twitter dot com, everybody loves me when they see me. I don’t know if it’s my charm, clean diaper, million-dollar smile but once they meet me, it’s all love.

Pelicans.com: From what you’ve seen, who is the biggest and/or most obsessed KCB fan?

King Cake Baby: Besides Zach of course? Probably Leonardo DiCaprio. We have never met and there is no evidence to prove he is aware of my existence but I feel like if he did meet me, he would become my biggest fan.

Pelicans.com: We’ve noticed your Twitter profile features a photo of yourself on the set of Inside the NBA with Ernie, Kenny, Charles and Shaq. Do you have any message for the fellas during this festive time of year?

King Cake Baby: I would just s̶t̶a̶l̶k̶ text them if I wanted to deliver a message but I will say I miss them. Haven’t seen them since the All-Star Game was here. You guys know how to find me and always have a place to stay in KCB’s crib.