Game 31: Pelicans-Wizards Postgame Quotes 12-19-17


On tonight's game: 

"Well, I think what got us behind initially -- you know before we talk about how we got back in it, what got us behind initially, is that we had finishes at the basket that we didn't complete and they ran out. Obviously, they're a good transition team. They put us on our heels and made baskets and we got really behind. Then, I thought we locked in defensively and did a good job, especially in the second quarter to get back in the game, but then we gave them separation again in the third. You know you may be able to do that one time in an NBA game where you're down 20, 25 points and be able to work your way back all the way to a tie, really, but you give them separation again the chances are not very good that you're going to do that.

I thought, once again, we're kind of singing the same song every night. We look at our turnovers and, you know we have 16 for 25 points. It’s hard to beat a team, especially of that caliber if you're going to turn the ball over 16 times because, you know, some of those times you're putting the ball in John Wall's hand and you're not going to be able to contain him, especially when they're live turnovers.  He's either driving the ball to the basket or he's finding Bradley Beal or somebody else for an open shot so I thought that was kind of the quirks of the game right there from the standpoint of you can't have 16 turnovers for 25 points against this team and expect to win and we didn't shoot the ball exceptionally well tonight so that added to the problems that we had. I thought that they got into us some and we weren't able to move freely offensively but when we did, we did a good job but once again if you're going to beat a team like that, especially on their home court, you can't do it for 20 minutes. You got to do it for 48."

On Anthony Davis's ankle: 

"I thought it was fine. You know we didn't feel like, you know, we had one last little run and then they scored a couple baskets and we took him out of the game. We weren't going to just have him out there to have him out there. I didn't think we had an opportunity at the five-minute mark that we were going to win the game so I took those guys out."


On what happened in the third quarter:

No effort man. That team came out and just wanted it more. I felt like we just kind of went through the motions as a team and they just wanted it more, period.”

On it being about 11 games where they have given up at least 100 points:

We just have to compete. Cannot speak on any past games but tonight, no effort.”

On what the challenge was dealing with Mike Scott:

You can tell he is playing with a lot of confidence right now. He has been a spark for them lately, and he came out and did that exact thing tonight. We did not stop the bleeding when we had a chance to. He had his way with us tonight.”

 On what they need to do to get things back to where they need to be:

“I would not say it is in the wrong place. We just have to come out and compete every night. No matter if it is the Warriors, the Wizards, whoever the case may be. We just have to come out and compete man every night.”

On whether playing with John Wall is on his mind:

It is not on my mind at all.”


On the third quarter: 

"I have to look at the film. I wasn't out there starting the third so I have to just watch it and see. But I know we had a couple turnovers in a row, like three, two or three in a row. You know they scored on some transition stuff but just talking through it I have to go back and look at it and see."

On if the Pelicans are showing effort: 

"No I mean, we let teams come out and jump onus early and now we're just playing uphill the whole time, so when you kind of get that lead and then try to fight back, you know you just kind of tire yourself out. Then you got to try to play harder, more energy, try to take over. They made some open shots, some offensive rebounds. I think they had 10. But the thing that's hurting us is turnovers at 16 but that's not bad for how we played but we're turning too much over collectively"

On Mike Scott:

"He made some good shots tough shots too. He had some open looks at the three but he's been playing well -- shooting the ball extremely well from all over the floor. He made shots tonight."