Refreshed Statement Uniform Showcases Pacers History

Is it gold in here or is it just us?

After two seasons playing in the entirely gold Statement uniform with directional ray lines, Nike has unveiled the second iteration of the Statement, reaching back to Pacers uniforms of the past for inspiration.

In a nod to the Flo-Jo uniforms — one of the most popular in franchise history — a diagonal stripe breaks across the uniform from the breast to the hip.

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While the previous Statement uniform was replete with ray lines, which are a key symbol of #WeGrowBasketballHere, the new Statement uniforms feature them prominently within the side stripe. A bold blue stripe serves as a barrier between the ray lines and the solid gold uniform. In addition to the blue acting as a breaking point across the hip, it also surrounds the trim of the collar and arms.

Unlike the Association and Icon uniforms, which showcase "Indiana Pacers" in a circular text wrap, the newly-released Statement uniforms have "INDIANA" emblazoned in a straight horizontal, reminiscent of the uniforms worn from 2005-2017. The text is blue with a white trim.

The Statements will be worn on every Friday game, marking the start of the weekend as #GoldFriday.