In Indiana, basketball is more than a pastime. It's part of everything we do. We don't just "play" basketball. We live it. And that love of the game starts from the moment we're born and it lasts our entire lives. You can see it on the concrete of our driveways, on the blacktop of our parks, and on the hardwood of our gymnasiums. You can hear it in our conversations. And you can feel it everywhere you go, from Evansville to Elkhart and every town in between.

It's that love and respect of the game that spreads throughout our team. It pushes us to get stronger when we're lifting weights and go faster when we're running sprints. It motivates us to watch that extra game film and put up those extra jump shots. And it sets the bar for each and every one of us every time we step on the court.

It's why we are proud to represent the state of Indiana, the city of Indianapolis, and everyone who loves our game.

It's why we are proud to call ourselves the Indiana Pacers.

We Grow Basketball Here.

Our Uniform

Woven in every element of our new uniform is the driving momentum of our mission. From the modernization of traditional uniform elements to the ray lines that represent Indiana's values and growth, We Grow Basketball Here is a message we wear with pride.



The back of the Statement uniform features the foundation of We Grow Basketball Here. The linework represent the landscape of Indiana and signifies how its roots create values that are grown by our game.


Featuring Indiana and Pacers at front and center cements the relationship that the Pacers team has with the entire state. The circular design of the team name is a compact yet elegant presentation of team and state unity. The player number, placed between team and state, puts players in the center of these two integral elements.

Our compact typeface establishes a modern traditional look and feel. This typeface corresponds with the overall elements of the jersey and the rest of our visual language. The white, blue, and gold of the Pacers serve as our palette for our Association, Icon, and Statement uniforms.


The side paneling of the Statement uniform features the bold Pacers blue with a simple design suggesting solidarity. On the side paneling of the Association, Icon, and Statement uniforms, the linework provides a dynamic edge while representing forward momentum.


The new State Icon takes prominence on the shorts making the statement that we represent every city and town within its borders.


The iconic Pacers P is proudly represented on the waistband of the Statement shorts.

2018-19 Season Jerseys

2017-18 Season Jerseys

The Lines

The lines are inspired by the state of Indiana. The identity of the Pacers organization is firmly rooted in the values and characteristics that the people of Indiana live by. This design represents the rising sun rays on top of the Indiana landscape, the constant motion towards the future, and the roots which convey a sense of home and are a physical representation of growth.


The Lines

The elements above the horizon line make up the sun's rays, which is appropriate because we aren't afraid to get up with the sun. We take pride in our work ethic and making the most of the day. Same goes for this team.

The Lines

The lines below the horizon line represent the roots and landscape of Indiana. This showcases rural fields to urban spaces, the blacktop courts to the hardwood, and all in between.

The Foundation

Inside Bankers Life Fieldhouse, We Grow Basketball Here will live on the sidelines, a reminder that this ethos is the foundation of our organization. The court is where basketball grows. It's where players grow. It's where our values grow. And, ultimately, it's where the game grows. The dimensional lines that represent the landscape of Indiana and the early morning sunrise root us to the land we love and the work ethic we bring with us every time we step onto the court.


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Our Home

The state icon ties in the entirety of Indiana across every city and town within its borders. Basketball isn't just grown in Indianapolis or inside Bankers Life Fieldhouse, but in all of Indiana. We are the Indiana Pacers and we share that pride with everyone who loves this great state.


Our Home

The modernized shape of the state streamlines the Indiana geography to further push the concept of forward momentum.

Our Home

The state icon also features the dimensional system of Indiana's landscape woven into the background.

Our Home

The star acknowledges Indianapolis, our state capital and the city where the Pacers represent all Pacers fans.

Our Home

As the overall shape of the state icon was refined, some of the internal lines in the basketball graphic were transformed to be less rounded and reflect the forward geometry of the mark.

The Seal

Indiana is a state united by basketball. The Seal of Basketball in Indiana serves as a symbol of unity, bringing together all those with a shared devotion to the game.


19 Stars

19 stars represent Indiana becoming the 19th U.S. state in 1816.


This represents the year of the first official game of basketball played in Indiana.

We Grow Basketball Here

This is who we are and how we live. Basketball fanatics, through and through. When we're not on the court or inside a gymnasium, we're thinking about being there.


As our primary read at the top, Indiana is the state under which all elements of our mission fall – including the growth of the very game itself.


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