Prospect Q&A: Tyrone Wallace

What would you like the Nuggets organization and fans to know about you?
I’m a great person and a hard worker. I would come in here and work hard every day and try to get better.

What’s your focus coming into these workouts?
The main thing is coming out here and playing hard, controlling the things that I can. I can defend, I can play hard. Shots may fall, shots may not, but I can always control my effort.

If you were to compare your game to someone in the NBA, who would it be?
Some of the guys I like to study would be Jrue Holiday. He’s a bigger guard, real crafty, and he gets into the lane and finishes. Other bigger guards like Michael Carter-Williams.

If you were drafted, how do you see yourself fitting into the Nuggets roster?
I think I’m versatile, I think I can help in lots of different ways. I can guard the 1-3 positions. I can play two positions on offense and I think I could do a good job getting into the lane and finishing and finding guys. I think I could add a lot to the team.

You are considered one of Cal’s all-time best all-around players. You were in the top 10 in scoring, assists and steals. What’s your mindset there?
I’m just trying to attack the game in every way. I’m just trying to help in any way I can. I love to crash the glass, rebound in order to get out in transition. As a point guard, you find guys that explains the assists. I just try to stay aggressive all the time and stay in attack mode.

Do you see yourself as a 1 or a 2 at the next level and what do you see as challenges going into the NBA?
I see myself as a 1 at the next level. I think the main one is continuing to improve my outside shooting. Everything else I do very well. If I add it to my game, that’s a huge piece and being consistent.