Basketball is different at 5280. We take pride in playing at the highest elevation in the league. The challenges outsiders face at altitude is well documented, but its not just the thin air that makes Ball Arena a tough place to play. The players and fans add an attitude and energy that equally contribute to making it hard to be comfortable on the court. There is no other arena like it.


5280 is more than a measurement, it is a number that is incorporated into the culture and fabric of Denver. It is on the steps of the capitol and the signs marking city limits. It’s the landscape and the weather, it’s the people and players. The Nuggets are proud to continue to solidify the connection between the team, players and city with the new 5280 City Edition uniforms.


The Nuggets reflect Denver, proud of it’s past but not limited by it. From western outpost to internationally known, city of champions. We are the team of new Denver, moving forward in our own way. While outsiders may never understand it, that’s ok because this is for Denver and Nuggets Nation.

Monday, December 18

7:00 PM MST

Sunday, January 7

6:00 PM MST

Saturday, January 27

3:30 PM MST

Thursday, February 29

8:00 PM MST

Thursday, March 7

8:00 PM MST

Wednesday, March 27

8:00 PM MST